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As a result of cooperation with corporate groups and large enterprises, our Polish lawyers acquired extensive experience in both international and Polish corporate law. The Firm systematically registers companies and provides corporate law services to international clients from all over the world. As part of its daily operations, our team of lawyers renders comprehensive legal services to foreign companies belonging to international corporate entities (including stock exchange listed companies).

The services provided by our Law Office in Poland mainly include corporate law consultancy on organization and operation of Polish companies and their bodies. Our lawyers assist clients in restructuring processes, development of corporate governance and international structures. Furthermore, as part of the implementation of complex corporate projects, we provide our clients with comprehensive legal representation and represent them before Polish registry court. Our Polish company law lawyers have broad experience in solving issues arising within international holding structures and requiring expertise in European law or laws of other countries.  

In addition, we have worked with almost every European country and such Eastern and Far Eastern countries as Russia, Moldavia, Serbia, Ukraine, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates. To see a complete list of countries benefiting from our legal services in the area of company law, please refer to “International services” tab.

Selected services:

  • Registration of company in Poland (LLC, JSC) 
  • Due diligence of Polish companies
  • Opening a Company in Poland, articles of association (drafting, reviewing)
  • Organization of a shareholders’ meeting/general meeting
  • Dismissing and appointing Directors in Poland
  • Redemption of shares/stocks
  • Increase in the share capital
  • Reduction in the share capital
  • Purchase, sale of shares/stocks in Poland
  • Acquisition of a company in Poland
  • Merger of companies in Poland
  • Exclusion of a shareholder
  • Appealing against resolutions of shareholders
  • Management contracts
  • Winding-up and liquidation of the company in Poland


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Andrzej Dudkowiak


Andrzej Dudkowiak

Barrister, Senior Partner

Andrzej Dudkowiak
Piotr Putyra


Piotr Putyra

Barrister, Partner

Piotr Putyra

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