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Concessions, licenses and permissions

The regulation of business activity is a part and parcel of modern state at the present time. Our Polish Law Firm advises and represents clients in regulatory matters, i.e. related to requirements to launch or carry out regulated business activity.

Our lawyers assist clients in obtaining concessions, permits, licenses and approvals to perform specified commercial ventures in Poland. For twenty years of our existence, we have been assisting our customers in receiving almost all categories of concessions. During this time, our law firm has acquired experience and participated in proceedings for granting a concession for a public television channel, production of cigarettes, alcohol, or even for a trade of explosives, among others.

Our experience covers i.a.:
- concessions for the manufacture and trade of explosives, arms and ammunition, 
- concessions for prospecting or exploration of mineral resources and mineral extraction; 
- concessions for the protection of persons and property; 
- concessions for the production, processing, storage, transmission, distribution and trade of fuels and energy; 
- concessions for broadcasting radio and television programs.

In addition, we support our clients in obtaining permits i.a. for:
- wholesale and retail sale of alcoholic beverages; 
- production and import of medicinal products, running of a pharmaceutical wholesaler and pharmacy; 
- running of an insurance business, investment fund and investment fund company, as well as securities brokerage; 
- production of additives, materials, premixes, compound feeds; 
- running of a business activity within the special economic zone which entitles to public assistance; 
- collection of municipal waste from property owners, emptying septic tanks and transport of liquid waste.

We also have an extensive experience in representing clients in matters relating to authorizations for the acquisition of property by foreigners, construction permits. Our Polish Law Firm regularly advises European and non-European entities on how to start and run a business in the Republic of Poland.

Guides on selected concessions licenses in Poland.

Selected services:

  • advisory as to requirements in obtaining all types of concessions and licenses in Poland
  • representation in front of licensing and concession authorities
  • advisory on regulatory requirements
  • advisory in obtaining energy licenses in Poland
  • advisory in obtaining banking and payment services licenses in Poland
  • advisory in mining licenses in Poland
  • advisory in environmental licenses in Poland
  • advisory in aviation licenses in Poland
  • advisory in explosives licenses in Poland

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Michał Dudkowiak


Michał Dudkowiak

Barrister, Partner

Michał Dudkowiak
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Piotr Putyra

Barrister, Partner

Piotr Putyra

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