Accounting services

Outsourcing of accountancy allows you to focus on your core business. We will first tailor the accountancy policy to fit your organization, then we will perform all the time consuming tasks for you. As we have 50+ specialists, it is easier for us to adapt to frequent changes in the tax legal environment.

Typical scope of accounting services:

  • Initial and periodical trainings for the Client’s staff
  • Implementation of bookkeeping, including setting the assumptions, rules and methodology of accounting
  • Verification of sale and purchase invoices for compliance with applicable laws, classification of invoices for book entry
  • Entering accounting records into the books of account
  • Issuance of internal invoices to document VAT
  • Maintaining fixed assets subsidiary ledgers (calculation and record of depreciation / amortization for accounting and tax purposes)
  • Maintaining purchase and sale records
  • Tax reporting
  • Tax calculation and preparation of VAT returns
  • Tax calculation and preparation of CIT returns
  • Verification of travel expense records for compliance with applicable laws
  • Representation in revenue and tax audits
  • Notification about stock-taking duties
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Providing bookkeeping clarifications for ongoing business transactions
  • Preparation of necessary forms and registrations required by tax offices, statistical offices etc.
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Marek Grabowski
Statutory Auditor, Managing Partner
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