Blockade of bank account

From April 30th, 2018 chief of National Tax Authority (KAS) is entitled to decide about blockade of particular bank account. This entitlement is derived from several acts, which were implemented during introduction of STIR (fiscal telematics platform), which was described here few months ago. 

Qualified account

STIR is a platform, which allows for continuous exchange of information between banking entities and public authorities. STIR enables to inter alia to monitor the qualified accounts, i.e. the accounts, which do not belong to individuals. The scope of qualified accounts covers in particular the accounts of entrepreneurs and companies. STIR is aimed on diminishing the scale of VAT frauds and other related fiscal crimes.


The transactions are assessed with regard to the matter of potential risk of conducting activity aimed on VAT frauds and other related crimes as money laundering. In the event of occurring high risk of such crimes, then KAS blocks particular bank account. The blockade can be extended up to 3 month if the amount of due tax exceeds 10,000 EUR

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