Register of small payment institutions (MIP)

Register of small payment institutions

From September 26, 2018, anyone with Internet access can view the so-called register of small payment institutions, which can be found on the website of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. In connection with the implementation of the European PSD2 directive into Polish law, the institution of authorization to operate as a small payment institution (MIP) has been introduced, which license in practice is much easier to obtain from a national payment institution license. For more information on small payment institutions please visit here.

From the beginning of the establishment of the register until the publication of this article, five entities have been entered in the MIP register: Genzet (KRS 0000443363); 12M (0000687801); Zpay (0000443363); Biuro Handlowe Anda Krzysztof Michalik (0000417023) and DVMP (0000717835). These entities operate mainly in the area of ​​money transfer and remittance services as well as accepting cash payments.

Small payment institutions are presented as a good solution for payment startups operating in the form of fintechs (financial institutions operating only in the network). According to the information provided by the head of the financial innovation department at the PFSA, the supervision will want to specifically promote the MIP license among fintechs. There are plans to prepare the so-called checklists specifying the most important requirements for companies applying for the MIP permit. At the moment, the PFSA website does not include the abovementioned checklist.

You can get access to the register here.

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