Fiduciary Company Registration in Poland


How does fiduciary company registration work ?

The easiest way to present the service of fiduciary company incorporation is to describe stages of the process that we go through with our customers :
  • we accept instruction from the client to create a company:
    • in fast track mode within 1-5 business days,
    • a new, tailor made entity,
    • with features as defined by the client (type, name, capital, location etc.),
  • we incorporate the company on the name our Law Firm in Poland and we hold the shares in trust,
  • immediately after the company is incorporated:
    • we appoint directors of the company  as per client instruction, and
    • give away a full control over the company to the client,
  • at earliest convenience we transfer the shares in the newly formed company to the persons / entities designated by the client.


There are several reasons why our client select the service of the fiduciary incorporation serviceand that is mainly because:

  • foreign individuals, as well as foreign corporations, are limited in opening companies in Poland in fast trackmode (due to limitations of Polish company registration system),
  • registration of new company for foreign customers in standard procedure take much more time (e.g. from 3- 8 week),
  • level of bureaucracy and paperwork required for fiduciary company incorporation is much lower at initial stage(and the documents may be gathered and presented at later stage) .


Key benefits of fiduciary incorporation services are:
  • availability of fast track company registration option, as a result
  • ability to register the company within 1-5 business days,
  • you get new, full operational company within few days,
  • you get brand new company, without risks and history,
  • you are able to register company with absolutely minimum bureaucracy.

Is it safe ?

Yes - it is risk free. Absolutely safe. We incorporate the company at your instruction. Once the company is ready, we immediately appoint designated persons as Directors of your company. In consequence you hold full control over your new company from the very beginning. Until the shares are transferred  to designated  beneficiary, we hold them in trust. As a Law Firm registered and supervised by Bar Association we are subject to strict Barristers and Attorneys Codes of Conduct and this shall be considered as additional safeguard.

What is the difference between shelf company and fiduciary incorporation ?

The difference is that shelf company is a ready made company that is awaiting for a customer to buy it, while in fiduciary incorporation you are getting a company which is incorporated in fast track at your specific request. As long as there is not request, there is no company. The company is created only at your specific instruction. In addition it is formed along with all the features just as you select.

Michał Dudkowiak


Michał Dudkowiak

Barrister, Managing Partner

Michał Dudkowiak