Remuneration Regulations in Polish Company

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1. Internal Remuneration Regulations in Polish Company

In Polish Labour Law, Remuneration Rules are considered as autonomous (specific) sources of Labour Law. The provisions of such agreements are based on solutions, which were worked out through negotiations between employers and union trades, what is provided on the basis of the article 772 §4 of l.c.

The main goals of Remuneration Rules is to specify:

  • valid remuneration system appropriate for a specified employer,
  • define the wages of specified groups of employees,
  • define other salary components like bonuses or other benefits and other issues (e.g. remuneration for night shift work).

There are two cumulative premises that determine employer’s duty to establish the Remuneration Rules in Polish Company:

  • the employer has to employ at least 50 workers,
  • aforementioned workers shall not be covered by external labour agreement nor labour agreement.

It should be emphasized, that employer who employs less than 50 workers can establish the Remuneration Rules also – it is voluntary, the employer’s obligation to such occurs at the time of exceed the limit of 50 employees.

The employer should determine Remuneration Rules on his own or by negotiations or cooperation with trade unions if they exist. The Remuneration Rules become enforceable within 14 days after publication in a customary manner practised by specified employer. In accordance to the art. 772 §6 l.c., the valid Remuneration Rules are in force until covering all the employees by any labour agreement or external labour agreement.

The employer can change the Remuneration Rules, it is possible by conducting the same procedure as it is use to establish new Remuneration Rules. If the Remuneration Rules are less favourable in proposed Remuneration Rules than they were in previous, such change will require valid notification of termination of the work term. The Employer is obliged to apply the termination period appropriate to each employee. Such termination is based on art. 42 l.c. and requires written form. It should be noticed, that provisions concluded in any employment contract cannot be less favourable that provisions stipulated in Remuneration Rules.

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