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1. Internal Employment Regulations in Polish Company

Work Terms and Conditions (also Work Regulation or Employment Regulation) are internal rules issued by employer. The main purposes of establishing the work rules, is to retain an internal order and organisation in the workplace.

The work rules determine the rights and obligations of both the employee and the employer. Such regulations are considered as source of labour law, valid for a given employer. Employment Regulation have to be consistent with provisions of Polish Labour Law and may not contain provisions less favourable to employees than provisions expressed in Polish Labour Law. The main purpose of the Employment Regulation is to specify and clarify the rights and obligations of the employer and the employee in accordance with needs in the workplace of particular employer.

The article 1041 §1 l.c. precisely lists the issues that should be raised in Employment Rules of Polish Company:

  • especially workplace organization,
  • terms and conditions of presence in the area of workplace during work and after its completion,
  • equipment of employers and types of work wear.

The Employment Rules also contain the provisions concerning the work time schedule and settlement period. Moreover, the Work Regulation should contain specified terms, place, time and frequency of payment of remuneration. It shall to indicate the list of forbidden works to for women and adolescent workers. The Employment Regulation should also contain the obligations related to the health and safety at work and fire protection regulations, as well as the way of how to inform workers about matters concerning their occupational risk associated with their work. The last issue that should be expressed in work rules is the manner adopted by an employer to confirm the arrival and presence of an employee at work.

There are two cumulative premises that determine employer’s duty to establish the work rules:

  • the employer has to employ at least 50 workers,
  • aforementioned workers shall not be covered by external labour agreement nor labour agreement. It should be emphasized, that employer who employs less than 50 workers can establish the work rules also – it is voluntary, the employer’s obligation to such occurs at the time of exceed the limit of 50 employees.

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