Capital Interest Rate in Poland


Capital interest rates in Poland

Polish statutory capital interest rate

If the parties to the contract based on Polish law refrained from stipulating level of capital interest, the creditor would be entitled to Polish statutory interest rate, a level of which is specified by Polish Civil Code. As a result of recent amendments to the regulations (starting January 1, 2016), the level of statutory interest in Poland shall equal the sum of the NBP pawn loan (lombard) rate plus 3.5 percent points. As of today, the NBP pawn loan rate is 1.5%; therefore, after the amendments to the regulations, the Polish statutory capital interest rate is equal to 5% per annum.

Maximum contractual capital interest rate in Poland 

Parties to the contract governed by Polish law may agree on different level of statutory capital interest rate. However, Polish Civil Code limits the maximum interest rate stipulated in the contract. Starting January 1, 2016, the maximum capital interest rate cannot exceed twice the statutory interest rate. Therefore, in case of statutory interest at the level of 5%, the maximum interest shall not exceed 10% per annum.


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