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Andrzej Dudkowiak

Barrister, Senior Partner


Andrzej Dudkowiak - Barrister at Law - graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Wrocław (1984), subsequently he completed legal training and received judicial appointment from the then Minister of Justice. Until 1992 he was a judge and, among others, Chancellor of the Commercial Division of District Court in Zielona Góra.

After 1992 Andrzej Dudkowiak was a legal advisor for a short time, but eventually he became an attorney at law and a member of the Bar Council of Lubuskie voivodship.

Andrzej Dudkowiak is an expert on business law, tax law, company law and business transactions.  In the beginning of the nineties he actively participated in the creation and transformation of renowned Polish companies.  Thus, he has acted in the domestic arena in favour of the amendment and repealing of tax repercussions of business entities transformations.
He has also acted on the eastern markets where he regularly created and coordinated numerous takeovers and transformations of commercial law companies.

A special area of Andrzej Dudkowiak's specialisation is the construction law. He has an exceptional experience and rich practice within this field. Investment advice has remained the main focus of his activity for years. As a result of his interests, business law, financing and realization of building investments make up the first pillar of the Law Firm.

Esq. Andrzej Dudkowiak is a Head of Business Department (Dudkowiak & Kopeć Business Lawyers). He regularly works in headquaters in Zielona Góra.

He speaks Polish and Russian fluently.



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