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IT / E-commerce

Due to digitalization of all aspect of social life, IT entrepreneurs oftentimes undertake business ventures on very large scale that require professional legal services. Our Law Firm in Poland offers legal services to IT industry, including: software companies, hardware manufacturers and distributors, Internet providers and other entities conducting business in the computer industry and related fields.

We have wide experience in establishing branches in Poland of foreign IT companies. We advise our clients how to establish and structure IT business in Poland, this includes corporate, employment, intellectual property and copyrights issues. 

Selected legal services to IT companies:

  • Preparing, reviewing and negotiating R&D (research & development), implementation, services and training contracts
  • Legal assistance in the process of implementation (preparing contractual documentation, supervising implementation)
  • Preparing and reviewing documentation related to processing of protected personal data 
  • Preparing and reviewing warranty documentation regarding hardware and software
  • Preparing and reviewing licenses and sublicenses of software and other works subject to economic copyrights

In the recent years the number of entrepreneurs who transferred their entire business activity or part of their activity to the web has grown significantly. E-commerce business activity, despite huge benefits, carries various risks. It is therefore understandable that legislators implemented many legal requirements and restrictions in E-commerce law of Poland.  Our Polish Law Firm offers services in regards to starting the e-commerce business activity in Poland. We prepare necessary documentation, including, terms and conditions of an online store, documentation relating to personal data protection,  refund forms, warranty cards as well as templates of statements of agreement cancellation. We advise on implementation of specific solutions associated with activities of an online store: methods of payment, loyalty programs, creation of databases. We prepare and review contract agreements with clients, such as advertising contracts or software supply agreements.


Selected services:

  • Developing and updating provisions of an online store terms and conditions
  • Preparing and reviewing documentation concerning personal data protection
  • Preparing and reviewing documentation for license and sublicense agreements pertaining to marketing materials placed on websites
  • Advise in the area of consumer rights, personal data protection, electronic provision of services and intellectual property rights
  • Ongoing e-commerce services (enforcement of receivables from clients, processing refund claims)

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