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Our Law office in Poznan is situated in the heat of the city. Zamkowa street is localized just by the Old Market and around 100 meters from Przemysł Castle.

Around 50 meters from our office there is a the City Old Market, plenty of hotels and restaurants.

What we do:


Our Family Law Firm provides legal services in Poznań, Poland. We have in our team lawyers in Poznań providing legal services in English language. Our attorneys in Poznań represent the Clients in divorce, maintenance and family cases in front of all the jurisdictions. Once our family lawyers receive the power of attorney they can assist in any grade of the judgement. We provide qualified legal services to foreign Clients which are willing to conduct divorce, maintenance or other family case in Poznań or to be represented in litigation or disputes.

We are connected to lawyers in each Polish city. Our Family Law Firm in Poznań is specialized in divorce and family law. Our aim is to provide a very qualified legal service to the Client.

The methodology of our lawyers is to provide periodical informations to the Clients in order to keep them updated on every single step of our work.

Transparent communication in fluent English was always one of our top priorities. Legal team of Poznań office will certainly provide advice in fluent English language. We strictly comply with our internal communication policies to make sure that our clients are well instructed and ready to make informed decisions.


Dudkowiak Family Lawyers law firm provides legal services in divorce and family cases for individuals and foreign Clients in Poland. Our branch office in Poznan is located in easily accessible point of the city. Our legal team consists of qualified lawyers with experience in divorce and family law.

Our Law Office in Poznań offers a wide variety of legal services dedicated to foreign Clients. Specialized attorneys are providing advice with regards to:


Our lawyers provide comprehensive services in divorce cases, they will take care of favorable settlement of all issues related to divorce. We provide support at every stage of divorce pre-trial and court proceedings. Our family and divorce lawyers in Poznań would be happy to help you to establish the strategy of your divorce proceeding, gather evidence and submit a petition for divorce. Our family attorneys will participate in a court hearings and draft pleadings during the divorce proceeding, until the final divorce decree.


The family lawyers from our Law Firm in Poznań will provide you with exhaustive legal advice on the maintenance law, the calculation of the amount of maintenance and the evidence to be gathered. Family and divorce attorneys in Poznań will take care of drafting a maintenance petition to the court and help you through the entire procedure.


Family lawyers in Poznań provide comprehensive legal services, ranging from jointly establishing a strategy of proceedings, preparing and submitting an petition for establishing contact with a child, through participation in hearings, drawing up pleadings during the proceedings, to the final conclusion of the proceedings regarding contact with the child.


Our divorce attorneys in Poznań will take care of the division of marital joint property proceeding. Dudkowiak Family Lawyers in Poznań will conduct settlement negotiations to reach a favorable settlement on the division of property. If no agreement can be found, then our family lawyers in Poznań will prepare an appropriate division petition and represent you before the Polish court.


Attorneys in Poznań will answer your questions regarding the paternity, analyze the facts of the case, present and describe the actions necessary to take and evidence to be gathered to deny a paternity.