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Dudkowiak Family Lawyers will help you with formalities related to getting married in Poland and obtain marriage eligibility exemption in Poland.
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Have you decided to get married in Poland? Congrats, that is a great news! So now it is time to complete the formalities to get married in Poland and make an appointment in the Polish Civil Registry Office. Unfortunately, there is a long list of documents you need to gather and submit in the Registry Office in Poland before your wedding.

Our family lawyers would be happy to advise you about the formalities to get married in Poland, prepare for you the list of required documents, order for you translation of the documents into Polish and contact the Civil Registry Office in Poland.

Marriage eligibility exemption

One of the required documents which you must submit to Civil Registry Office in Poland is an official certificate of legal capacity to enter into marriage – the document stating that under applicable law you are able to get married. Sometimes the receipt of this documents is difficult or even impossible. For example, if you are a US citizen you should know that the US authorities do not issue this type of document which confirm your ability to get married in Poland. Do not worry – if the receipt of this document is difficult to overcome (by the political situation in the country) or it is impossible to overcome (you are a US citizen), the Polish court may release you from submitting official certificate of legal capacity to enter into marriage. It is necessary to initiate the court proceeding and apply for marriage eligibility exemption.

Our Family Law Firm specialize in a family matters, we successfully conduct cases for marriage eligibility exemption also for US citizens. Family lawyers will take care of formalities – contact the US embassy, help you gather required documents and order translations into Polish. Our family attorneys will draw up a petition for marriage eligibility exemption and oversee the case so you may stay relaxed and enjoy your upcoming wedding.

We encourage you to contact our marriage in Poland specialist.
Family & Divorce martyna dudkowiak
Martyna Dudkowiak
Attorney (Advocate), Partner
check full info of team member: Martyna Dudkowiak
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