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Team of Dudkowiak Family Lawyers consist of specialized attorneys at law. Our lawyers treat each case entrusted to us individually and with due diligence, therefore contact and building relationships with the client are the most important. We know well the specifics of family matters and the emotional burden associated with them, therefore we can guarantee appropriate support and discretion.

Our team specialized in particular in family, divorce and inheritance law. We maintain the highest standards of legal assistance, constantly improving our skills and expanding our knowledge.

Complex projects requiring knowledge of several fields of law are carried out in temporary working teams operating in cooperation with Dudkowiak Kopeć Putyra Law Firm Team — operate under the supervision of Project Manager – i.e. attending attorney at law.

Family & Divorce martyna dudkowiak
Martyna Dudkowiak
Attorney (Advocate), Partner
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Family & Divorce
Grażyna Dudkowiak
Attorney (Advocate), Senior Partner
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