Marriage Annulment

Marriage annulment is an alternative for a divorce in Poland. We encourage you to contact our family lawyers to determine whether exhaustive reasons for marriage annulment have been met.
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The Family and Guardianship Code provides an alternative for divorce and separation in Poland which is marriage annulment. However, it is not always possible to annul a marriage, there are exhaustive reasons for marriage annulment, for example, lack of the required age, kinship, bigamy and adoption. In order to marriage annulment, it is necessary to bring an appropriate action to the court in Poland – our lawyers would be happy to help with this.

Our specialized family attorneys will answer your questions regarding marriage annulment and divorce differences, lawyers will indicate what actions should be taken to lead to the marriage annulment and represent before the Polish court.

Marriage annulment

Marriage annulment entails the retroactive abolition of all the consequences of marriage. The annulled marriage shall be deemed not to have existed.

There must be specific, strictly defined reasons for marriage annulment, for example: inappropriate age (under 18), incapacitation, mental retardation, diagnosed mental illness, bigamy etc.

Annulment of a marriage must be adjudicated by a court. For annulment of the marriage may apply the spouse and anyone who has a legal interest in this. The court does not require the consent of the spouse to decide on marriage annulment.

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Family & Divorce martyna dudkowiak
Martyna Dudkowiak
Attorney (Advocate), Partner
check full info of team member: Martyna Dudkowiak
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