Alimony maintenance

Duration of the maintenance obligation in Poland – proposed amendments



How long do I have to pay maintenance for child in Poland?


Current regulation regarding maintenance in Poland 

The Polish Family and Guardianship Code does not precisely regulate when the maintenance obligation towards a child end, does not indicate until the child reaches what age, the parent is obliged to pay maintenance. The general rule is that the maintenance obligation applies until the child is unable to support itself, it means that maintenance must be paid continuously also after reaching the age of majority by the child.


Proposed amendments regarding maintenance in Poland 

The Polish Minister of Justice proposed introducing changes in this matter and regulating the duration of the maintenance obligation by using the child’s age. In accordance with the proposed amendment in the field of alimony:

Parents’ obligation to pay maintenance to a child who is not has a certificate of the degree of disability, determined by a court decision or a settlement concluded before a court or mediator, expires on the day the child turns 25. On the same day, the writ of execution stating this obligation loses its binding force to maintenance payments due in the future. At the request of the child, which due to exceptional circumstances, it is still unable to support itself, the court will extend the maintenance obligation.

Amendments regarding maintenance proposed by the Minister of Justice are still being processed by the Polish government and are not yet in force.


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