Contacts with child

Contacts with children after divorce in Poland

Contacts with common minor children after divorce in Poland

  • it is very common that after marriage breakdown parents cannot agree also on children matters, especially it is hard for them to set up a schedule for meetings with the child together, it happens that the parent limits the contacts with the child to the other parent,
  • if spouses have common minor children the Polish court determines in the divorce decree contacts schedule between the children and the parent with whom they do not live permanently, parents have to follow the schedule under the threat of penalty,
  • only on spouses’ joint request the court does not determine contacts with children in the divorce decree in Poland,
  • contacts with children include, in particular:
    • maintaining correspondence,
    • using other means of distance communication, including electronic means of communication (phone calls, WhatsApp, Skype etc.),
    • being with the child – visits, meetings, taking the child away from his / her place of permanent residence and direct communication (the court may decide that the parent may take the child abroad as part of the contact),
  • contacts may be regulated:
    • in detail in a schedule of meetings / phone calls (with specific dates and hours of meetings) or
    • very wide / unlimited – each time individually agreed between the parents,
  • the court may limit the parents’ contact with the children in Poland, in particular:
    • prohibit meeting with the child,
    • prohibit taking the child away from his / her permanent place of residence,
    • allow meeting with the child only in the presence of the other parent or guardian, probation officer or other person indicated by the court,
    • limit contacts to specific means of distance communication,
    • prohibit distance communication,
  • the Polish court will prohibit maintaining contact between the parent and the child if their maintenance seriously threatens or violates the child’s welfare,
  • the decision about the contacts with child may be changed in Poland at any time by the court upon request.

Legal representation in case regarding contacts with child in Poland

The court cases regarding contact with minor child are usually very specific and delicate, especially cases with a cross-border element when one of the parent lives abroad and contacts may be related to the child’s travels abroad. It is worth to entrust your contacts case to a Family Law Firm in Poland who will help you to properly explain and justify your requests and who will help you to gather appropriate evidence – it is necessary to prove that requested contacts are in the best interests of the child.

Our family lawyers are ready to help you and guide you through the court proceeding in Poland. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information regarding contacts with children please see our Contact with child services.

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