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Cashless taxpayer program – new proposals for entrepreneurs

The Ministry of Finance proposes to entrepreneurs who carry out most of the payment transactions through the cashless system, tax reliefs for the use of the terminal and VAT refunds within 15 days. The Ministry estimate the Cashless Taxpayer project to enter into force at the beginning of 2022.

The Cashless Taxpayer Program offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to benefit from tax reliefs under two packages – Silver and Gold. Entrepreneurs will be able to choose one of them.

  1. The Silver package is intended for entrepreneurs, who did not accept payments using a payment terminal within the last year, and for those who benefited from the program Cashless Poland, accepting non-cash payments after the program ended. Such taxpayers will be able to benefit from tax relief for the terminal for up to 2 years from the time they started to incur the costs of handling payment transactions. In this case, the relief provides for the possibility of classifying 100% of the expenditures on the purchase of a payment terminal and handling of the transaction as tax-deductible costs, and again as a tax credit against the earned income (the maximum deduction is PLN 1,000 per year, and in the case of taxpayers exempt from cash registers it will be as much as PLN 2,500);
  2. The GOLD package will be offered to entrepreneurs who meet the prerequisites for being a cashless taxpayer (customers of this entity in at least 80% are consumers, and sales are recorded on an online fiscal cash register in the amount of PLN 50,000 per month of turnover, the entrepreneur settles the sales made in a cashless form, in at least 65% in such form, and in the following two years in 80%). The terminal relief in income tax will apply indefinitely. The deduction will be 200% and the maximum limit is PLN 2,000 per year. This means that for each PLN 1 spent on handling non-cash payments, the taxpayer will reduce income by PLN 3. First by PLN 1 as a deductible cost, and then by another PLN 2 – as a relief.

Apart from the above-mentioned reliefs for non-cash taxpayers, the Ministry of Finance proposes that VAT refunds be made within 15 days automatically (without the need for additional action by entrepreneurs).

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