Employment Contract Template

Employment contract template – is that all you need ?

Very often we are requested by our clients to provide a Polish law employment contact template. Most usually the clients expect to be provided with one, uniform and comprehensive document that will meet all employment law related requirements. Indeed in many countries such one, complex and uniform employment contact template is enough to meet formal requirements. This is however not the case in Poland. Polish employment law requires the employer to execute along with the employment several additional contracts or documents that are either obligatory or required to achieve certain effect (e.g. effectiveness of non-compete obligation).

Employment contract templates types

We usually provide our clients with the following types of employment contacts templates:

  • Fixed term employment contract template
  • Indefinite employment contract template
  • Probation employment contract template

It shall be explained that in Poland you will always need a separate probation contract, as the probation period may not be included in or as a part of fixed term or indefinite employment contract.

Employment set

As a result of what is stated above we usually offer to our clients an employment set that consists of all the documents that are required or may be required while employing an employee in your company. Depending on the sector and specific needs of the client the employment set usually, in addition to abovelisted employment contracts templates, consists of:

  • Work terms information statement (required by article 29 of Labour Code)
  • Statement on acknowledgment of internal regulations and H&S regulations
  • Questionnaire 1 (for candidate)
  • Questionnaire 2 (for employee)
  • Data processing information statement or data processing consent
  • Information statement on non-discrimination and mobbing
  • Confidentiality contract
  • Non-competition during employment template
  • Non-competition after employment template
  • Property hand-over contract
  • Training contract (improving qualification contact)

The documents listed in bullets 1 — 5 are required by law and shall be considered as obligatory additions to the employment contract template. Remaining documents are voluntary or recommended as good practices. However, due to requirements of Polish employment law, contract like: non-competition during employment, non-competition after employment, property hand-over or training contract although not obligatory, may be required if the employer intends to achieve certain effect that they provide (e.g. binding effect of non-compete).

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