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Issues arising from practical effects of the applicability of Polish Energy Law Act of 10 April 1997 and proceedings conducted based on its provisions by the President of Polish Energy Regulatory Office (URE) constitute a vital part of works carried out by a team of our Polish energy lawyers.

Our Law Firm represents clients in administrative proceedings before the President of Polish Energy Regulatory Office, drafts appeals against first instance decisions to the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection – the District Court in Warsaw and cassation appeals to the Supreme Court.

Polish Energy Law

From the field of Polish energy law we mainly provide advisory and represent clients in the following cases:

  • regulatory (power, petrol and gas licences, tariffs, reporting, access to networks, unbundling)
  • contract (drafting agreements for the supply of electricity, comprehensive agreements, regulations and instructions)

While providing energy law services we are supported by knowledge and experience of experts in the field of energy cooperating with us on a permanent basis, whereas in respect of issues related to exceeding the limits of electricity consumption by entrepreneurs we resort to the experience of PhD, Eng Marek Kopeć, Polish specialist in the field of energy and power grids.

Additionally, lawyers of our Polish Law Firm have experience in the implementation of infrastructure projects from the field of energy – for more see the Infrastructure tab.

Polish Environmental Protection Law

Our lawyers have long experience in consultancy on the implementation of projects related to Polish Environmental Protection Law.

We support our clients in the process of obtaining of environmental decisions determining investment conditions. At the stage of the investment’s design, we carry out the risk analysis of legal and environmental determinants of the investment (among others, concerning their impact on protected areas), study and assess the local legislation. We provide consultancy services concerning legal and environmental obligations of investors.

We advise on Polish rules of usage of the environment, including the conditions for emission of substances or energy into the environment as well as fees for the use of the environment and liability for infringement or contravention of requirements concerning the use of the environment. Our lawyers successfully represent clients in acquisition of gas and dust emission permits as well as integrated permits.

We also have extensive experience in the Polish Water Law, we consult and represent clients in the acquisition of water permits and in cases related to disturbing hydrographic conditions and flooding.

In cases from the area of the environmental protection law we cooperate with the office of environmental projects providing comprehensive project support and access to experts from the industry.

Usual services:

  • regulatory consultancy (power, petrol and gas licences)energy trade license in Poland
  • gas trade license in Poland
  • petrol trade license in Poland
  • energy production license in Poland
  • administrative proceedings of the President of Polish Energy Regulatory Office to impose a fine for infringement of the obligation to abide by the limits in electricity supply and consumption
  • administrative proceedings of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office based on the provisions of Act of 25 August 2006 on Biocomponents and Liquid Biofuels,
  • environmental determinants of investment locations – environmental decisions
  • use of the environment, charges, gas and dust emission permits and integrated permits, water-legal permits
  • renewable energy sources and waste disposal

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DKP Legal Michał Dudkowiak
Michał Dudkowiak
Barrister, Managing Partner
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