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Debt collection

Owing to over 20-year cooperation with business entities, we are aware of how important it is to maintain liquidity and carry out debt collection. Depending on the needs of our clients, our Polish Law Firm

  • carries out the independent debt collection in Poland (cases), by representing clients before Polish courts and public authorities, or
  • supports or supervises internal debt collection departments or legal departments of our clients.

1. Debt collection in Poland

As part of the debt collection processes in Poland, our clients are provided with numerous services, ranging from determining the debtor’s solvency to enforcement of the judgement and representation in enforcement proceedings.

Our Law Firm has a special standing and expertise in the field of international debt collection. Cross-border collection of debts is performed with the assistance of our foreign lawyers (to see a complete list of countries in which the Firm executes debt collection, please refer to “International services” tab.  

2. Debt Collection Training in Poland 

Additionally, our Law Firm in Poland has extensive experience in the development of internal debt collection departments of our clients. Our tasks in this regard comprise preparation of complete debt collection documentation and internal debt collection procedures (Debt Recovery Flowchart). The Firm lawyers coordinate the implementation and revision of procedures and documentation and supervise the work of debt collection departments of our clients.

To learn more see — Debt Collection Guide by our Polish lawyers

Selected services:

  • Request for payment

  • Negotiating with debtors

  • Court and out-of-court settlements

  • Security for a debt

  • Enforcement of judgement debt  

  • Acquiring, appealing against orders for payment  

  • Cross-border recovery of receivables  

  • Enforcement, recognition of Polish courts’ judgements abroad (inside and outside the UE)  

  • Enforcement of foreign courts’ judgements in Poland


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