Debt collection in Poland

Flash of debt collection practice: 30 years of experience, multidisciplinary team of top negotiators, awarded litigators, incl. ex-judges, sharp and effective enforcement officers.
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Debt collection practice along with litigation & arbitration is one of the founding practices of Dudkowiak Kopeć Putyra that boosted the Firm to the recent level.

Team of debt collection attorneys

Polish debt collection practice consist of over 10 experienced lawyers and is co-headed by Anna Szymielewicz (court litigator) and Michal Puk (commercial attorney). Combination of judicial and non judicial expertise within one department provides comprehensive approach and allows to deliver complex debt recovery solutions.

Distinguished debt collection experts

Litigation  and commercial teams are one of the mosts distinguished and awarded in the Firm. Annually ranked by international legal magazines, e.g. Legal500 – Law Firm in Spotlight 2018 and 2021, Lawyers Global – Litigation Law Firm 2021. Complete list of awards and distinctions may be explored below.

Debt collection services in Poland

We provide wide variety of debt collection legal services in Poland. Complete list of categories and example services may be explored below in section What we do?

By and at large our Law Firm:

  • Advises and represents in individual debt collection cases:
    • search of assets and evaluate debtor’s solvency
    • negotiations of repayment terms and establishment of securities
    • judicial actions (freezing orders, orders for payment, litigations, arbitrations)
    • enforcement of domestic and foreign judgement
  • Provides support to debt collection departments or legal departments of our clients
    • Designing and updating debt collection procedures
    • Designing and updating debt collection template documents
    • Advisory in more complicated cases

Debt collection guide

Our Polish debt collection attorneys prepared — Debt Collection Guide in Poland.

Debt collection Poland-wide incl. Warsaw and Kraków

We provide debt collection all around Poland thought all five offices, and in particular in Warsaw and Kraków.

What we do?

Debtor due diligence and assets search

  • Evaluation of financial conditions Polish entities
  • Providing solvency and credibility reports
  • Performing KYC regarding Polish entities
  • Due diligence of Polish debtors
  • Assets search of Polish debtors
  • Researching hidden assets of the debtors
  • Hidden assets extraction claims

Out of court debt collection

  • Sending demands for payment
  • Reporting debts to debt information agencies
  • Negotiating terms of repayment
  • Drafting settlements
  • Establishing securities over debt
  • Renewing and extending statute of limitation

Judicial debt collection

  • Filing lawsuits for debt collection
  • Debt collection in arbitration courts
  • Representing in litigation and arbitration for debt collection
  • Applying for debt injunction and payment orders
  • Appealing and contesting payment orders
  • Applying for freezing orders and interim orders
  • Securing and seizing bank accounts

Debt collection enforcement

  • Representing in enforcement procedure in Poland
  • Representing in enforcement from bank account
  • Representing in enforcement from real estate

Collection of debts confirmed by foreign court rulings

  • Recognition of foreign court rulings in Polnaf
  • Recognition of foreign arbitral awards in Poland
  • Enforcement of foreign courts rulings in Poland
  • Enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Poland

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