Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Since 90's our M&A attorneys are continuously recognized and distinguished.
M&A experience, practical approach, understanding for foreign investors boosted our Polish Law Firm to the recent level.
Michał Dudkowiak
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It all started in early nineties, when our M&A attorneys advised, mainly to US, German and Japanese corporations in rapid expansion to newly recreated Polish Market.

Recognized and awarded M&A Law Firm

Transactional team is continuously awarded and distinguished by international rating agencies. For M&A and achievements we were selected as Law Firm in Spotlight in Poland by Legal500 in 2019 and 2021. In 2016 we were selected as M&A Law Firm of the Year by Acquisition International Magazine.  Complete list of awards and distinctions may be found below.

Multidisciplinary M&A team of lawyers

M&A practice is headed by two Partners and consists of multidisciplinary team of approx. thirty lawyers entirely dedicated to M&A advisory, due diligence and transaction execution. Case studies, our M&A experience may be reviewed in the section below.

M&A one stop shop

We serve as M&A one stop shop as we not only a Law Firm  but – DPG Tax – our daughter company – offers team of over forty experts in tax, accounting audit and payroll.

Corporate partners for foreign investors

Due to the profile of our Law Firm our clients are mainly foreign investors and they range from large international corporations, investment funds and private equity funds, to medium and smaller entrepreneurs, and family firms. You may get aquatinted with some of them below.

Publications of our M&A attorneys

Our Polish transaction attorneys prepared practical – M&A guide in Poland.

M&A attorneys in Warsaw and Kraków

We provide M&A legal services all around Poland thought all five offices, and in particular in Warsaw and Kraków.

What we do?

Due Diligence and M&A Advisory

  • Advisory on Polish M&A market
  • Advisory on local M&A standards and process
  • Legal Due Diligence of targets
  • Risk evaluation
  • Recommendations as to transaction structure

M&A in Poland – negotiations and documents

  • Negotiating terms and conditions of transactions
  • Preparing pre-transaction documents (NDA, LoI, term sheet)
  • Preparation of transaction documents (Investment agreement)
  • Preparation of corporate documents (shareholder agreement)
  • Advisory regarding market standard clauses in M&A deals
  • Preparation of Polish law SPA (share purchase agreement)
  • Establishment and registration of collaterals and securities
  • Preparation of option agreements (call and put options)

Corporate restructuring in M&A

  • Restructuring of corporate governance
  • Advisory and execution of corporate mergers
  • Advisory and execution of corporate transformations
  • Advisory and execution of corporate divisions

M&A process execution in Poland

  • Execution and agreements and M&A documents
  • Obtaining merger clearance in Poland
  • Completing / verifying conditions precedent
  • Completing pre-transaction corporate requirements
  • Representing in pre/post transaction regulatory clearances
  • Transaction tax reporting
  • Registration of corporate changes in Polish Company Register
  • Advisory in post transaction transformation / adaptation

M&A financing in Poland

  • Advisory as to methods of project financing
  • Advisory as to tax consequences of financing options
  • Negotiations with banks and equity / debt providers
  • Drafting and negotiating of facility agreement
  • Drafting and negotiating of loan agreements
  • Advisory regarding bond financing
  • Advisory as to equity financing tools
  • Establishing collaterals and securities

Case studies

Coal Mine
Pociąg metra jedzie przez tunel.
Widok z lotu ptaka na bardzo duży, morski terminal kontenerowy.

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DKP Legal Piotr Putyra
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DKP Legal Michał Dudkowiak
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