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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Owing to dynamic development of the Firm’s clients, our Polish lawyers were given the opportunity to expand their expertise in the field of mergers and acquisitions.

The M&A projects in Poland were carried out within the following industries (e.g.): steel production, mining, finances (finance services, loans, and credits), commerce, motorization, electronics, food, clothing, construction, IT and other.

The services rendered by our Polish Law Firm in the field of M&A projects usually cover all of their stages, including:

  • drafting and negotiating letters of intent, memorandum of understanding, non-disclosure agreements
  • carrying out due diligence and identification of risks
  • drafting and negotiating definitive agreements
  • auditing and reporting of mergers or acquisitions to competent bodies, including Polish Merger Authority [UOKiK] and licensing authorities,
  • representation in and consulting on the conclusion and performance of agreements,
  • finalising and registering changes in the court of registration, National Court Register and other bodies
  • consulting clients on joining a new entity

Due to the international profile of the Law Firm, our employees have broad experience in solving different issues appearing with respect to cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Many a time, such complex, multinational questions were effectively resolved with the aid of our foreign lawyers. Additionally, the practise in the field of mergers and acquisitions extends to M&A-related trainings and education. Our Polish lawyers give lectures on the occasion of conferences and write articles published both at home and abroad.

Since 2011, our Polish Law Firm has been a content partner for the fuzje.pl (mergers in Poland website).

Selected services:

  • Company mergers

  • Company transformations  

  • Company divisions  

  • Due diligence of companies  

  • Negotiating terms and conditions of transactions

  • Preparing pre-transaction documentation (NDA, term sheet, investment agreements)  

  • Purchasing shares or stocks (SPA — share or stock purchase agreement)  

  • Share or stock option agreements  

  • Notification of concentration and providing representation before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection  

  • Reporting to and providing representation before regulatory authorities


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Tomasz Kopeć


Tomasz Kopeć

Barrister, Senior Partner

Tomasz Kopeć
Piotr Putyra


Piotr Putyra

Barrister, Partner

Piotr Putyra



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