Regulatory, licenses and permits

Polish regulatory environment changed drastically during since 90's. Nowadays modern regulations interfere with EU provision and regulatory relics of previous regime, creating complicated matrix for entrepreneurs.

The regulation of business activity is a part and parcel of modern state at the present time. Our Polish Law Firm advises and represents clients in regulatory matters, i.e. related to requirements to launch or carry out regulated business activity.

Regulatory advisory

Apart from  day to day advisory, we specialize in investment regulatory advisory to foreign investors. In this filed our experience covers advisory to several USAID projects in Poland. When investments are carried via acquisitions our regulatory attorneys support M&A projects by performing thorough regulatory due diligence.

Typical regulatory services

Usual regulatory services involve advisory and representation:

  • in process’ of obtaining concessions, licenses, permits
  • regarding ongoing regulatory obligations
  • regarding regulatory reporting
  • in introducing and updating regulatory procedures
  • in introducing and updating regulatory compliance programs
  • in regulatory inspections and dawn raids
  • in regulatory investigations and prosecution
  • in disciplinary procedures and penalty procedures
  • in license revocation procedures
  • in judicial review of regulator decisions
  • updating clients on regulatory changes, preparing regulatory newsletters
  • interpretation and consultations regarding regulatory provisions

What we do?

Regulatory advisory in selected industries

We provide regulatory advisory with regards to following industries:

Representation before regulatory authorities

We advise and represent before the following regulators:

  • Minster of Internal Affairs – for military and explosives regulatory issues
  • Minister of Environment – for mining regulatory issues
  • Minister of Finance – for gambling regulatory issues
  • KNF – Polish Financial Supervision Authority – for financial regulatory issues
  • ULC – Polish Civil Aviation Authority – for aviation regulatory issues
  • UKE – Polish Electronic Communication Authority – for telecom regulatory issues
  • URE – Polish Energy Regulatory – for energy sector regulatory issues
  • UOKiK – Polish Competition and Antitrust Authority – for competition and antitrust regulations
  • GIF – Polish General Pharmaceutical Inspectorate – for pharmaceutical regulatory issues
  • GIS – Polish General Sanitary Inspectorate – for food and sanitary regulatory issues
  • GITD – Polish General Road Transport Inspectorate – for road transport regulatory issues
  • UTK – Polish Rail Transport Authority – for rail transport regulatory issues
  • UM – Polish Maritime Authority – for shipping and maritime regulatory issues
  • KRRIT – Polish National Broadcasting Council – for Media, TV and Redio regulatory issues
  • UODO – Polish Data Protection Authority – for data protection regulatory issues
  • GDOS – Polish General Directorate of Environment Protection – for environment protection regulatory issues
  • RDOS – Polish Regional Directorate of Environment Protection – for environment protection regulatory issues
  • US and UC – Tax and Customs Offices – for treasury regulatory issues
  • KOWR – Polish National Agriculture Support Agency – for food and agriculture regulatory issues

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