Polish copyright law protects the results of human creative activity, which are an essential element of various business ventures.
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Copyrights are everywhere – urban and construction projects, music, films, computer programs and games or websites are valuable assets that require legal protection in various jurisdiction, incl. Poland.

Copyrights Law Firm for various industries in Poland

Our copyrights offer is addressed to the categories of entities:

  • Entrepreneurs whose activity is creative and innovative in nature – thus deserving a legal protection,
  • TMT sector, incl. entities active in cultural fields, that is in the music, film, radio and broadcasting,
  • Publishing industry (authors-creators, publishing houses),
  • Fashion designers,
  • Entities involved in construction and designs, incl. architects,
  • IT designers, software developers, incl. games developers,
  • Marketing and advertisement companies.

Copyrights contract experts

We draft, negotiate all kind of copyrights related contracts, incl. license and sublicense agreements, copyrights creation contacts and specific creative work contracts, as well as clauses and statements which shall be included in the contracts of other kind (e.g. employment contracts).

Copyrights litigation in Poland

We represent  in civil and commercial litigation, advise as remedies and claims for copyrights infringement in Poland.  Advise as to strategy of litigation and arbitration.

We advise as to good name, image and reputation protection rules. We represent in libel, slander and defamation court procedures in Poland.

What we do?

Polish Copyrights law

  • opinions and analyses on Polish copyrights law
  • negotiating copyrights agreements
  • copyrights license agreements
  • copyrights transfer agreements
  • copyrights clauses in various agreements
  • copyrights contracts in IT (B2B and employment)
  • construction design agreements
  • agreements with architects

Copyrights disputes and litigation

  • representation in copyrights disputes
  • negotiations in copyrights disputes
  • copyrights court litigation
  • copyrights arbitration

Reputation, good name and image protection

  • commercialization of image
  • publicity of personal image
  • personal image protection
  • contracts for the use and dissemination of image
  • usage of image in marketing and advertising
  • libel and slander claims and protection
  • defamation claims and protection
  • protection of good name and reputation

Copyrights in selected industries

  • copyrights due diligence in M&A
  • copyrights in architecture,
  • copyrights in IT and software development
  • copyrights in TMT, film, music
  • copyrights in publishing industry
  • copyrights in fashion design
  • representation before collective copyright management organizations
  • representation before ZAIKS, STOART, ZASP, ZPAV

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