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Our Polish law firm's offer is addressed to two categories of entities:

  • Entrepreneurs whose activity is creative and innovative in nature; thus deserving a legal protection,
  • Entities active in cultural fields, that is in the music, film and publishing industry (authors-creators, publishing houses and film studios). 

Dudkowiak & Kopeć lawyers draft opinions in the area of copyrights (including the use of works on Internet) and advise what actions shall be implemented to avoid risk - even unintentional - of infringement of copyrights. They prepare strategies for copyrights and image protection management.

They prepare all kind of contracts in this field of law, mainly:

  • License agreements
  • Sublicense agreements
  • The author's economic rights transfer agreements
  • Specific work contracts,

as well as clauses and statements which shall be included in the contracts of other kind (e.g. employment contracts).

We represent our clients in civil litigations to cease and desist infringements upon copyrights and to pay compensation for damages, as well as proceedings when the said claims are brought against them. We defend individuals accused of offences under the copyrights and related rights act. 

Selected services:

  • drafting opinions and analyses on copyrights
  • drafting contracts (mainly license, sublicense agreements, the author's economic rights transfer agreements, etc.)
  • obtaining of licenses
  • image protection
  • protection against infringement of copyrights
  • defense against damage claims in copyright litigation
  • defense against infringement on copyrights accusations under criminal law
  • ongoing legal assistance to entities active in the film, music and publishing industry
  • representation before the Authors' Association ZAiKS

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