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DPG Tax was established as a joint venture of Eurotax (leading accountancy and payroll firm from Western Poland, established in 2000) and Dudkowiak Kopeć Putyra (boutique law firm with offices in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław and Zielona Góra, established in 1992), forming a team of more than 50 specialists (including accountants, HR specialists, tax advisers, expert auditors, barristers and solicitors) experienced in providing top level of services to foreign investors operating on the Polish market.

Our goal is to provide our Clients with a one stop shop solution, covering services in the field of accountancy, HR and payroll, tax as well as legal. Our experience in all above fields serves our Clients with confidence in the constantly changing legal and tax environment, enabling them to focus on their core business.

Accounting Services Provider in Poland

Outsourcing of accountancy allows you to focus on your core business. We will first tailor the accountancy policy to fit your organization, then we will perform all the time consuming tasks for you. As we have 50+ specialists, it is easier for us to adapt to frequent changes in the tax legal environment.

Typical scope of accounting services covers the following:

  • Initial and periodical trainings for the Client’s staff.
  • Implementation of bookkeeping, including setting the assumptions, rules and methodology of accounting.
  • Verification of sale and purchase invoices for compliance with applicable laws, classification of invoices for book entry.
  • Entering accounting records into the books of account.
  • Issuance of internal invoices to document VAT.
  • Maintaining fixed assets subsidiary ledgers (calculation and record of depreciation / amortization for accounting and tax purposes).
  • Maintaining purchase and sale records.
  • Tax calculation and preparation of VAT returns.
  • Tax calculation and preparation of CIT returns.
  • Verification of travel expense records for compliance with applicable laws.
  • Representation in revenue and tax audits.
  • Notification about stock-taking duties.
  • Preparation of annual financial statements.
  • Providing bookkeeping clarifications for ongoing business transactions.
  • Preparation of necessary forms and registrations required by tax offices, statistical offices etc.

Payroll, PEO and HR Services in Poland

Outsourcing of payroll administration is crucial to foreign investors entering Polish market, for whom the Polish employment regulations can often occur surprising, counter-intuitive even. Data confidentiality, large volume of employees – this is our daily work reality.

Typical scope of payroll administration services covers the following:

  • Keeping personnel records (employees’ personal files) in line with applicable regulations.
  • Informing Clients if medical examinations and occupational health and safety trainings need to be conducted or updated.
  • Determining holiday leave entitlements, keeping records of holiday leave as well as records of sickness and other absence for work.
  • Calculating pay for the personnel, including additional benefits and deductions or withholdings.
  • Issuing or verifying bills relating to civil law contracts (alternatively: preparing aggregated monthly payrolls for civil law contract employees).
  • Registering Client’s personnel with ZUS (Polish social security authority); providing ZUS with information on changes of insured person’s particulars;
    performing ZUS deregistration; preparation of registration and deregistration documents for family members of the personnel.
  • Calculation of contributions to social insurance, health insurance, and non-insurance funds; preparation and send to ZUS such returns as are required by applicable regulations.
  • Preparation of documents for sickness insurance benefits for ZUS purposes.
  • Calculation of monthly advances towards PIT payments; preparation of PIT-4R annual tax returns.
  • Calculation of monthly advance payments of flat-rate income tax on civil law contracts; preparation of PIT-8AR annual tax returns.
  • Preparation of PIT-11 annual income information.
  • Informing Clients about amounts of public levies along with due dates for their payment.
  • Preparation of annual information forms about social security and health insurance contributions of Client’s personnel (ZUS RMUA).
  • Preparation of records of employment, employment certificates and salary certificates.
  • Preparation of DEK-I-0, DEK-Z and DEK-R returns for PFRON.
  • Preparation of necessary Central Statistical Office filings based on data from personnel and payroll records (GUS Z-03, Z-06).
  • Preparation of documents related to posting employees within European Union (including A1 certificates)
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