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Michał Dudkowiak
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We have extensive experience in servicing NGO and for profit organizations executing government funded projects in particular related to humanitarian assistance, war, crisis management, climate and equality.

Recognized NGO attorneys in Poland

Our Polish team of attorneys is headed by Michal Dudkowiak, World Bank expert and leading legal counsel to number of USAID partners, NGO organizations, international development companies, incl. those funded by worldwide governments.

NGO humanitarian and development practice consists of multidisciplinary team of attorneys advising on:

  • NGO regulatory framework
  • Legal forms of projects executions
  • Non-profit and for-profit project vehicles
  • Tax consequences incl. humanitarian exemptions
  • Project financing tools
  • NGO tax regulation
  • NGO employment forms
  • Immigration

Structuring of assistance and development projects in Poland

Our team plays a special role at initial stage of assistance and development projects where they advise how to shape and configure structure of project. The task is not always easy as the structure has to fit into project objectives, conditions of funding and often conflicting local tax, administrative, military, immigration environments. Our legal experts would facilitate this process and enable you to me make an informed decision on most efficient legal form and structure of the project. We offer:

War in Ukraine

War in Ukraine has significantly activated humanitarian and development efforts in the region. Poland as quickly enacted special law on assistance to Ukrainian nation that created simplified legal environment enabling swift relocation of Ukrainian citizens and entrepreneurs to Poland, as well as, smooth assistance to Ukraine on various levels: humanitarian, military and development.

We advise to dozens of Ukraine assistance related projects, incl. humanitarian, military and development (eg. agriculture, transport, justice). Our legal experts navigate projects throught Polish-Ukrainian legal environment.

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