As Business Law Firm we pay special attention to contracts. They form vital part of every transaction and commercial deal. Complex projects, regardless if commercial or regulatory, often involve hundreds of agreements.
Michał Dudkowiak
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Our Law Firm in Poland systematically drafts, negotiates and consults on the conclusion of different types of contracts regulating economic relations.

Our Polish team of lawyers negotiated and finalised, for example, contracts for the implementation of joint infrastructure projects (roads, production of energy, shopping centres) and economic cooperation agreements. Furthermore, we advised on representation agreements concluded between the largest networks of filling stations in Poland and contracts for the production of components for the German car industry.

Our International Affairs Team has extensive experience in drafting international contracts with foreign entities. We have negotiated and formulated framework contracts with companies operating in different industries in such countries as: China, Australia, the US and India. Our achievements include numerous trade contracts with China, including contracts for the production of explosives and the production of inventions for the European market. The Firm Polish lawyers train legal departments of corporate companies on international contracts, especially Barrister-at-Law Michał Dudkowiak who conducted trainings on trade contracts with China for the largest companies listed on stock market, including Lotos Group companies. Our international experience was of much benefit to numerous international corporations, banks and insurance companies, for whom we assessed and drafted international and foreign law agreements.

What we do?

  • Sales agreement (warranty, guarantee)
  • Purchase agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Call option, Put option
  • Preliminary contacts
  • Service contract
  • Franchise agreement (franchising)
  • Representation agreement
  • Dealership agreement,
  • Commission agreement
  • Agency contract
  • Contract of mandate
  • Tenancy and lease agreement
  • Leasing agreement
  • Pledge agreement
  • Deposit agreement
  • Transfer of ownership for security purposes
  • Documentary credit
  • Construction contracts
  • Cooperation agreements
  • International trade agreement
  • Foreign law contracts
  • General Terms and Conditions
  • Framework agreements
  • Right of pre-emption, right of redemption
  • Contractual penalties

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