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DKP Legal Michał Dudkowiak
Michał Dudkowiak
Barrister, Managing Partner
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Młyńska 16
61-729 Poznań

Localisation & Neighbourhood:

Our Law office in Poznan is situated in the heat of the city. Młyńska street is localized 400 m from the Old Market and just meters away the main buildings of District Court, Circuit Court and Public Prosecution.

In neighbourhood from our office there is a the City Old Market, plenty of hotels and restaurants.

Law Firm in Poznań

Dudkowiak Kopec & Putyra Polish law firm provides legal services for individuals and corporate clients investing in Poland. Our branch office in Poznań is located in easily accessible point of the city. Our legal team consists of qualified lawyers with experience in various fields of law.

Poznań city is located in the Central – Western part of Poland, in the middle way between Berlin in Germany and Capital of Poland – Warsaw. Poznań has convenient logistical location as it is connected with Warsaw and Berlin with A2 Motorway, Wrocław tih S5 motorway and Katowice and Krakow with A4 Motorway. Poznań also has an International Airport 15 minutes away from the city center. From a manpower perspective Poznań offers 3,5 mln habintans that are gathered in Wielkopolskie voivodeship. Poznań is also well recognized for its Universities gathering over 100.000 students each year. For this reason foriegn investors often choose Poznań for their investments.

Our Law Office in Poznań offers a wide variety of legal services dedicated to foriegn investors. Specialized attorneys are providing advice with regards to investment advisory, real estate, contracts, employment, company and corporate law, copyrights, litigation, etc. Our investment solicitors are well trained in guiding investors through the business / project establishment process, starting from choosing the right form of investment, through financing, meeting regulatory requirements and launching operations. Our Poznań based team of lawyers is experienced in providing services to clients from numerous sectors and industries.

Transparent communication in fluent English was always one of our top priorities. Legal team of Poznań office will certainly provide advice in fluent English language. We strictly comply with our internal communication policies to make sure that our clients are well instructed and ready to make informed decisions.

Legal Services in Poznań

  • Investment advisory in Poznań region
    - advisory regarding investments in Poznań region
    - representation in investment planning before Poznań authorities
    - advisory as to investment in Special Economic Zone in Poznań
    - establishment of investment vehicles in Poznań
  • Property and real estate in Poznań
    - due diligence of properties located in Poznań and surroundings
    - sale and purchase of properties located in Poznań area
    - drafting and negotiating real estate purchase contracts in Poznań
    - buying apartments, houses, building and lands in Poznań
    - lease of apartments and office spaces in Poznań
  • M&A in Poznań
    - advisory and representation in M&A transaction in Poznań region
    - due diligence of Poznań assets
    - drafting, negotiating and executing transaction regarding assets located in Poznań
  • Construction and development in Poznań
    - advisory to residential and industrial construction projects in Poznań
    - representation before construction authorities in Poznań
    - advisory to development companies investing in Poznań
    - advisory and representation in construction and building projects in Poznań
  • Transport and Logistic in Poznań
    - advisory as to establishment transport facilities in Poznań
    - legal advisory to transport companies in Poznań
    - advisory to logistic hubs in Poznań
  • IT, e-commerce and software development
    - advisory as to establishment of IT companies in Poznań
    - legal advisory to IT, e-commerce companies in Poznań
    - legal advisory to software houses in Poznań
  • Corporate Law in Poznań
    - company registration and incorporation in Poznań
    - representation in Poznań in transaction of purchase and sale of shares
    - Due Diligence of companies in Poznań region
    - representation at shareholders meetings in Poznań
    - representation in corporate procedures / processes in Poznań
    - reporting corporate changes to KRS in Poznań (Poznań Company Register)
    - submission of claims in Poznań insolvency courts
  • Contracts in Poznań
    - drafting and negotiating contracts in Poznań
    - attending Notary in Poznań for contracts execution
    - check (due diligence) of counterparts / partners in Poznań
    - securing contracts on assets located in Poznań
  • Labor and Employment law in Poznań
    - advisory as to employment of staff in Poznań area
    - representation of employers in region of Poznań
    - drafting employment documents for employers based in Poznań
    - representing before Labor Courts in Poznań
    - representing before Labor Inspectorate of Poznań
  • Litigation in Poznań
    - representing clients in litigations in Poznań
    - running out-of-court negotiations and mediations in Poznań region
    - representing before the Courts of Poznań
    - enforcement of foreign rulings in Poznań
    - enforcement of judgements against debtors located in Poznań region
    - debt recovery and debt collection in Poznań
  • Taxes in Poznań
    - advisory regarding taxation of companies and assets in Poznań
    - representation before Tax Authorities in Poznań
    - advisory regarding local taxation in Poznań
    - advisory regarding property tax in Poznań
  • Inheritance in Poznań
    - representing clients in inheritance of assets in Poznań
    - representation in inheritance of property in Poznań
    - representation before Courts of Poznań in succession cases
    - takeover of inheritance in Poznań
  • Administrative law in Poznań
    - representation before public authorities in Poznań
    - appeal against penalties imposed by authorities of Poznań
    - judicial review of decisions issued by Poznań authorities