Administrative Law

We have over 30 years of experience in work with and against public administration. Combination of reputable academic experts with awarded industry specialists allows us to provide top quality administrative law services.

Polish administrative law is extremely broad and diverse branch of law regulating legal relationships between entrepreneurs/ individuals and the public authorities (governmental or local authorities).

Advisory and representation in administrative law cases requires multidisciplinary approach and knowledge of related industry / sector of economy. For this reason our administrative law experts most often work with teams of specialists dedicated to:

Worldclass leading administrative law team

Our administrative law team is highly distinguished with strong academic background and special care of prof. Eryk Kosinski Head of public administrative law department at Adam Mickiewicz Univeristy.

What we do?

Substantive administrative law

  • Preparing legal opinions regarding administrative law for entrepreneurs and public authorities
  • Evaluating compliance of of administrative regulations with EU regulations
  • Participating in public consultations regarding planned administrative regulations
  • Representing entrepreneurs  and industry associations in legislative consultation
  • Designing amendments to recent legal regulations

Administrative inspections and audits

  • Representation in audits and inspections
  • Designing procedures for dawn raids and audits
  • Training entrepreneurs for dawn raids events
  • Advisory regarding rights and obligations in inspections
  • Filing reservations and defenses against inspection protocols

Administrative procedures

  • Representation in administrative procedures
  • Representation in public procedures and public consultations
  • Relaunching administrative procedures
  • Suspending and suspending administrative procedures
  • Filing complaints for excessive length and inactivity in administrative procedures

Administrative decisions and fines

  • Questioning adminsitrative decisions
  • Filing appeals against administrative decisions
  • Representing in appeal procedures before II instance authorities
  • Evaluating application of extraordinary remedies against administrative decisions

Administrative litigation

  • Drafting and filing complaints against adminstrative decision
  • Representation before local administrative courts
  • Drafting and filing cassation appeal to Supreme Administratve Court in Warsaw
  • Representation before Supreme Administrative Court

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