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Dudkowiak & Kopeć Law Firm advises clients on how to turn their ideas and innovations into assets. Our lawyers specialize in patent protection, trademarks and copyrights. We can boast of extensive experience in the field of legal protection of modern technologies and the protection of authors' rights. Our lawyers are constantly supporting companies in the protection of their products against impersonation, counterfeiting, illegal imports, or infringements of trademark rights and the protection of the product's form. We also provide support for companies in the IT and IoT industries.

We are aware of the upcoming technological revolution. The Internet of Things (IoT) changes our lives at every step. Its impact on education, communication, business or medical services will grow every day. Thanks to IoT, all devices around us will collect and process huge amounts of information. Other sectors of the global economy are joining the creation of this technological revolution.  Specialists who can provide legal support at an appropriate level are the necessary support for clients who have taken up this IoT challenge.

We are convinced that legal support requires an in-depth understanding of the client's needs, his product and the technology behind him, combined with many years of experience in intellectual property law. Dudkowiak & Kopeć Law Office combines these requirements in the knowledge of our lawyers.

Selected services:

  • Registration and protection of trademarks,
  • Registration and protection of patent rights,
  • Exploitation and protection of copyrights,
  • Fighting counterfeit goods,
  • Customs protection of the product,
  • Creating and managing IP rights portfolio,
  • Protection of IP rights on the Internet,
  • Acting against unfair competition in the field of similarity and impersonation of the product,
  • Negotiations and licensing disputes,
  • Representation in disputes regarding company secrets, IP and know-how,
  • Fighting unfair advertising,
  • Negotiations and disputes regarding trading and protection of IP rights,
  • Protection of rights on the European, American or Asian markets.

Selected services:


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