Intelectual property

For over three decades our intellectual property attorneys advise on how to turn ideas and innovations into IP assets in Poland and worldwide.
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Our Polish lawyers specialize in trademarks, copyrights, intellectual property protection and combating of unfair competition.

Experienced IP attorneys in Poland

We can boast of extensive experience in the field of legal protection of modern technologies and the protection of authors’ rights. Our lawyers are constantly supporting companies in the protection of their products against impersonation, counterfeiting, illegal imports, or infringements of trademark rights and the protection of the product’s form. We also provide support for companies in the IT, and IoT industries.

Intellectual property in internet and IT industry

We are aware of the upcoming technological revolution. The Internet of Things (IoT) changes our lives at every step. Its impact on education, communication, business or medical services will grow every day. Thanks to IoT, all devices around us will collect and process huge volumes of information. Other sectors of the global economy are joining the creation of this technological revolution.  Specialists who can provide legal support at an appropriate level are the necessary support for clients who have taken up this IoT challenge.

Understanding for intellectual property in Poland

We are convinced that legal support requires an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs, his product and the technology behind him, combined with many years of experience in intellectual property law. Dudkowiak & Kopeć Law Office combines these requirements in the knowledge of our lawyers.

Selected Polish IP Law services:

  • Trademark registration and protection of trademarks in Poland
  • Advisory and protection of copyrights
  • Combating counterfeit goods
  • Advisory in creating and managing IP rights portfolio
  • Protection of IP rights on the Internet
  • Acting against unfair competition in the field of similarity and impersonation of the product
  • Drafting and negotiating agreements for transfer of IP
  • Drafting and negotiating license agreements
  • Representation in disputes regarding company secrets, IP and know-how
  • Intellectual property litigation and arbitration
  • Combating unfair advertising
  • Negotiations and disputes regarding trading and protection of IP rights
  • Due diligence of IP matters in process of company acquisition (share deal) or business unit acquisition.

IP legal services in Warsaw and Kraków

We provide IP legal services all around Poland thought all five offices, and in particular in Warsaw and Kraków.

What we do?

Trademarks in Poland

  • trademark due diligence
  • analysis of trademark registrability and legality
  • registration of Polish, EU and international trademarks
  • trademark monitoring
  • preparation of cease and desist letters
  • trademark litigation and arbitration
  • representation before the Polish Trademark Office,
  • representation before UE Intellectual Property Office
  • representation before WIPO
  • preparation trademark license agreements
  • preparation trademark sale agreements

Industrial designs in Poland

  • industrial designs registration in Poland
  • community designs registration
  • registration of international industrial designs
  • cease and desist letters regarding industrial designs
  • industrial design litigation
  • representation in disputes regarding industrial designs
  • representation before Polish Patent Office
  • representation before EU Intellectual Property Office
  • representation before WIPO
  • industrial design license agreements
  • transfer and sale of industrial design agreements

Patents and innovations in Poland

  • evaluation of new technical solutions and innovations
  • evaluation patent compliance/infringement
  • patent registration in Poland
  • protection of innovations in Poland
  • patent registrations in EU
  • patent representation before Polish Patent Office
  • patent representation before EU Intellectual Property Office
  • patent representation before WIPO
  • validation of European patents in Poland
  • cease and desist letters regarding patents
  • patent litigation
  • representation in disputes regarding patents
  • court representation regarding patent disputes
  • patent license agreement
  • transfer and sale of patent agreement

Utility models in Poland

  • evaluation of utility model compliance/infringement
  • utility model registration in Poland
  • utility model representation before Polish Patent Office
  • cease and desist letters regarding utility model
  • utility model litigation
  • representation in utility model disputes
  • court representation regarding utility model disputes
  • utility model license agreement
  • transfer and sale of utility model

Copyrights in Poland

  • copyright in Poland advisory
  • advisory regarding copyrights related rights,
  • copyrights license agreement
  • transfer and sale of copyrights
  • copyrights cease and desist letters
  • copyrights litigation
  • representation in copyrights disputes
  • court representation regarding copyrights disputes

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Intelectual property

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