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Inheritance and probate practice was established back in 1993 as one of the first within the Firm. Having this in mind - it is fair to say that we have one of the most experienced inheritance lawyers in Poland.
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Succession and inheritance process in Poland differs significantly to the equivalent in other countries. In particular – grant of probate in the US, UK, Canada, Australia or South Africa is completely distinct from Polish inheritance procedure.

Inheritance lawyers dedicated to foreigners

Team of our succession attorneys is particularly skilled in advisory to foreigners with respect:

  • statutory inheritance rules in Poland and inheritance planning regarding Polish assets, and
  • inheriting assets by foreigners in Poland.

Inheritance planning and testaments

We advise regarding inheritance planning and preparation of last will and testament in accordance with Polish Law. We design and recommend inheritance solutions that meet testators intentions in particular enable to distribute estate upon death of smoothly to the beneficiaries. Tailor made solutions may relate to:

  • real estate, lands, buildings,
  • valuable movable assets,
  • art, intellectual property,
  • stock, company shares,
  • bonds, financial instruments,
  • funds on bank accounts or cryptocurrency.

Inheritance court representation

Significant part of our Polish succession lawyers is work is dedicated to inheritance litigation and representation before probation court of Poland. We advise and navigate clients in inheritance disputes, in particular regarding determination list of successors, validity of testament, inheritance of real estate in Poland, fair share, division of jointly inherited assets.

Publications of our Polish probate lawyers

Our probate lawyers in Poland prepared a practical succession guide – see more: Inheritance Guide in Poland.

What we do?

Polish inheritance law advisory – regarding:

  • statutory rules of inheritance in Poland
  • liability for inherited debts
  • acceptance and rejection of inheritance
  • limiting liability of inherited estate
  • preparation of estate inventory

Inheritance law expert opinions at instruction of:

  • foreign courts requiring expertise in Polish inheritance law
  • foreign public authorities seeking successors confirmation
  • foreign banks seeking successors confirmation
  • financial institutions seeking successors confirmation

Probate and inheritance process in Poland:

  • regarding inheritance of assets in Poland
  • navigating successors through inheritance procedures
  • confirmation of inheritance acquisition procedure
  • inheritance tax reporting / exemption
  • registration of inherited assets
  • assistance in gaining access to inherited assets

Enforcement of foreign inheritance rulings in Poland

  • research of assets in Poland subject to foreign inheritance
  • enforcement of foreign inheritance rulings in Poland
  • registering ownership of assets located in Poland based on foreign rulings
  • accessing bank accounts based on foreign inheritance rulings
  • registering shares ownership based on foreign inheritance rulings

Inheritance litigation in Poland

  • representation in inheritance disputes
  • questioning validity of testament
  • representation in testament validation
  • representation before inheritance courts
  • representation regarding disinheritance
  • representation in court acquisition confirmation procedure
  • claiming forced/fair share on behalf of relatives excluded from succession

Testaments and succession planing

  • succession planning advisory
  • advisory regarding testaments
  • drafting testament and last will
  • drafting codicil, legitim
  • drafting legacy, absolute legacy
  • disinheritance
  • declaration of succession unworthiness
  • registration of testament in Poland
  • procedure of testament opening

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DKP Legal Marta Oleśkowska
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DKP Legal anna szymielewicz
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