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Inheritance law

Our Polish lawyers offer legal advice in the field of inheritance law - they can help with a choice of the most appropriate form of a disposition of property upon death, contents of the will and the use of other institutions of this branch of law, e.g. absolute legacy or contract to waive succession. We also advice in matters relating to disinheritance and declaration of unworthiness

We offer help through the analysis of wills and by explaining the legal consequences of their provisions. We handle court cases concerning declaration of succession, legitim and invalidity of a will (or any of its provisions). We give advice in the field of tax law and the possibility of evading the liability for succession debts of the testator. We provide assistance in the reduction in particular legacies and protection against legitim claims.

We draw up partition of the estate contracts and represent our clients in the estate partition court proceedings.  

To learn more — see Inheritance Guide by our Polish Lawyers.  

Selected services:

  • Court declaration of succession

  • Last Will

  • Statutory succession in Poland

  • Legitim

  • Legacy (including absolute legacy)

  • Partition of Polish estate

  • Succession debts in Poland

  • Disinheritance

  • Declaration of unworthiness

  • Protection of succession

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Martyna Dudkowiak


Martyna Dudkowiak

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Martyna Dudkowiak



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