Transport, logistics and forwarding

Transport is nowadays an essential element of almost each and every business enterprise. In our Law Firm in Poland, we have a dynamically developing practise dealing with transport companies of global and european range. 

We advise in all legal issues related to transport: regulatory, employment, contracts, liability for damages, litigation, etc. 

Our Law Firm in Poland is also experienced in terms of international transport, air transport, sea transport, rail transport as well as road transport. 

The Law Firm offers counselling, negotiates, draws up international transport contracts and conditions on accompanying relations in this field, especially economic relations (e.g. UCP600), as well as insurance relations and division of responsibility.

Selected services:

  • Transport licenses in Poland
  • Contracts in transport
  • Damages in transport 
  • Litigation related to transport
  • Employment in transport, drivers working time and remunerations

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Experts in this field:

Tomasz Kopeć


Tomasz Kopeć

Barrister, Senior Partner

Tomasz Kopeć
Grzegorz Żochowski


Grzegorz Żochowski

Barrister, Senior Associate

Grzegorz Żochowski

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