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Our Polish Law Firm is recognized as one of the top legal advisors for Aviation Industry. Strong team headed by Michał Dudkowiak, supported by Aviation Law Expert Prof. Eryk Kosiński provides legal services to top worldwide airlines and leading aviation market players.

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Aviation team of attorneys in Poland provides legal services among other regarding:

  • licensing requirements for aviation companies
  • administrative procedures and representation aviation authorities incl. ULC (Civil Aviation Authority of Poland)
  • commercial and corporate structure of aviation investments
  • disputes, litigation and arbitration in aviation
  • contracts in aviation
  • employment in aviation companies
  • air cargo claims and insurance
  • passenger data protection, storage and processing, in particular in aviation software and by handling agents 

Legal services for civil aviation

Our services to civil aviation includes, above all:

  • daily advising on sector regulations and requirements,
  • preparation of legal opinions on aviation law,
  • preparation and assessment of documents,
  • preparation or analyses of contracts and contract-related risks,
  • representation before the civil aviation administration,
  • representation before courts.

Regulatory advisory in Aviation in Poland

With regards to regulatory issues in aviation, our Law Firm:

  • advises on certificates, licenses and concessions in aviation, incl. concessions for carriage by air and permits for ground handling,
  • explains and advices on regulatory requirements of doing aviation business in Poland,
  • advises on authorisations for airport management and permits for ground handling of aircrafts, crews and passengers,
  • more detailed regulatory requirements (airworthiness of aircrafts, aircraft components and accessories, aircraft registration, etc.),
  • represents clients in front of ULC Polish Civil Aviation Agency in regulatory procedures, audit procedures as well as other procedures,
  • represents in judicial review of aviation authorities administrative decisions in front of the Polish Administrative Courts (WSA and NSA).

Contracts and Commercial Law in Aviation

With respect to commercial and contract law in aviation, our lawyers advise regarding contracts between aviation market players (Airlines, Airports, Handling Agents, Suppliers, Aircraft Constructors etc.) incl.:

  • contracts related to carriage by air (technical maintenance, code-share, charter, handling, interlining, lease, wet lease etc.),
  • contracts related to airports management and airport services (lease of infrastructure, handling, contacts with airlines, contracts with airports etc.),
  • Aircraft Purchase / Sale Agreements,
  • Contracts and General Terms & Conditions for relationship with Passengers.

Litigation and Arbitration in Aviation

Litigation team has longstanding experience in representation in aviation disputes, our services include:

  • advisory and representation in disputes between aviation market players (Airlines, Aircrafts owners, Aircrafts users, Airports, Handling Agents, Suppliers etc.), 
  • representation in settlement negotiations, 
  • advisory in strategy of defense, 
  • advisory and representation in aviation damages and accidents,
  • advisory and representation in force major events.

Air Cargo Law in Poland

With regards to Air Cargo Law, our Law Firm advises regarding:

  • Warsaw and Montreal conventions in relation to cargo transportation, 
  • liability of airlines for loss of or damage to cargo,
  • liability of air carriers in multimodal transportation (air/road),
  • agent versus forwarder liability,
  • matters concerning civil liability for damages resulting from aircraft movement,
  • matters concerning civil liability for damages resulting from air transport.
  • matters concerning civil liability insurance

Passenger Rights in Aviation

With respect to passenger rights and data we:

  • advise regarding Polish PNR reporting obligation (PNR Directive) and represent in front of PIU (Border Guard) in cases for penalties for breach of PNR reporting obligations,
  • advise regarding passenger rights sourcing from Regulation (EC) No 889/2002, 261/2004 and Montreal Convention, 
  • advise regarding claims of the passengers,
  • represent aviation companies in front of the Civil Courts, Administrative Courts, Competition Authority, Commission of Passenger Rights in disputes with passengers.
  • advices and represents in dealings with insurance companies.

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DKP Legal Michał Dudkowiak
Michał Dudkowiak
Barrister, Managing Partner
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