Immigration Law in Poland

Benefits of immigrating to Poland

  • Political stability and constant economic grow
  • EU member and access to EU market
  • Extensive labor market with number of work offers for foreigners
  • Inexpensive costs of living in comparison to other EU countries
  • As Central Europe country — cultural similarities to both Western and Eastern Europe
  • Well developed and inexpensive healthcare
  • Affordable and well developed public transport

Immigration to Poland — statistics

As per 1.01.2021 almost 460,000 foreigners has valid residence permit in Poland. foreigners. During COVID times epidemiological situation and related travel restrictions encouraged foreigners to extend their stay in Poland.


  • Ukraine – approx. 244,000
  • Belarus – 28,800
  • Germany – 20,500
  • Russia – 12,700
  • Vietnam – 10,900
  • India – 9,9000
  • Italy – 8,500
  • Georgia – 7,900
  • China – 7,100
  • Great Britain – 6,600

Legal ground of residence in Poland

Most foreigner stay in Poland based on temporary residence permits, which may be issued for a maximum of 3 years. Currently it is approx 272,400 of foreigners. The group of foreigners entitled to permanent residence is of approx. 102,100 people. There is also a significant group of registered stay EU citizen of approx. 81,500

Most of the issued residence permits are related to professional activity – in 2020, this concerned 76%. foreigners. Therefore, a strong concentration of foreigners is visible in voivodships with the largest urban centers. The most popular regions are the following voivodships: Mazowieckie – 119,000 people, Małopolskie – 52,000, Greater Poland – 41,000 and Lower Silesia – 37,000.


About 60 percent of foreigners with valid residence permits are people in the 18-40 age range, and approx. 4% over 60 years of age.  The above data does not include persons staying in Poland temporarily under visa-free travel or on the basis of visas.

Sources of Polish Immigration Law

Key regulations of Polish immigration law:

  • the Foreigners Act of 12.12.2013
  • the Boarder Guard Act of 12.10.1990

Immigration Authorities in Poland

Competences related to immigration policy and issues in Poland are split between:

  • Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Polish Boarder Guard
  • Local Employment Agencies
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