Poland has still high availability of land for commercial purposes near logistic hubs, as well as, for residential developments, located, even in strict centers of major cities. Increasing number of foreign investment and demand for residencial results in boosting construction and development industry.
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One of the key areas of expertise of our Law Firm is Polish construction law, management of construction projects and developer investments.

A team of our Polish lawyers specialized in construction law is headed by barrister at law Andrzej Dudkowiak and Marcin Kreglewski, who advises also on infrastructure investments projects (for more see the Infrastructure tab).

The scope of services provided by our Polish Law Firm comprises, among others:

I. Acquisition of land and properties in Poland for construction investments:

  • Legal examination of Polish properties (due diligence) and consultancy on elimination or minimization of identified risks
  • Advisory on a transaction structure (asset or share deal), drafting and negotiation of agreements in the land and property acquisition process
  • Advisory on establishment, cancellation and restructuring of encumbrances and limited property rights
  • Consultancy on transaction financing
  • Advisory on Polish taxes and tax optimization structures

II. Polish administrative law services for construction investments:

  • Advisory services, representation during proceedings related to:
    • Polish land zoning (including: local zoning plans, decisions on investment location, decision on land development conditions)
    • Polish construction law (building permit)
    • Environmental conditions, waste and water-legal permits
    • Polish Property Management Act,
    • Polish Act on Acquisition of Property by Foreigners
    • Polish Act on Agricultural System Development and Act on Protection of Agricultural and Forest Land,
  • Representation before the above bodies, drafting of appeals against decisions and complaints to voivodship administrative courts and Polish Supreme Administrative Court

III. Contracts in construction investment process:

We provide legal assistance with respect to all agreements concluded during investment processes, in particular we draft, negotiate and review, among others:

  • agreements concluded by the participants of a construction process: investors, general contractors, contractors, subcontractors
  • consortium agreements
  • construction works agreements and general contractor agreements (also pursuant to FIDIC standards),
  • design works and architect’s on-site services agreements,
  • investment supervision agreements,
  • agreements with providers of utilities and services,
  • agreements with subcontractors

IV. Advice on financing of construction projects in Poland

V. Handling of building disputes — litigation and arbitration.

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DKP Legal Michał Dudkowiak
Michał Dudkowiak
Barrister, Managing Partner
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Marcin Kręglewski
Barrister, Partner
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