Public procurement in Poland

30 years of experience in advisory to domestic and international corporations in participation and execution of major public procurement projects in Poland.
Tomasz Kopeć
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Public procurement practice of our Polish Law Firm is headed by senior partner – Tomasz Kopeć – experienced procurement attorney. We are specialized in providing public procurement law services to the tender participants and contractors.

Multidisciplinary public procurement team

Public procurement is definitely one of the legal disciplines that requires multidisciplinary approach due to wide variety of topics it covers. Mr. Kopeć, apart from strict public procurement law advisory, coordinates works of multidisciplinary team dedicated to advisory to procurement projects regarding corporate, commercial, administrative and dispute resolution aspects.

Experienced procurement team for various industries

Our team has well-established experience in advisory  to contractors in major procurements and infrastructure projects in Poland, incl. in aviation and construction industries, e.g.:

  • construction of BHS system at Krakow airport
  • construction works at Warsaw airport
  • construction of water treatment plants in several cities of Poland (Tarnów, Warsaw)
  • construction of public facilities, e.g. museum EC1 in Lódź
  • construction works at National Stadium in Warsaw

Awarded procurement attorneys

Attorneys of our public procurement team were recommended and awarded by specialist legal magazines, e.g. commercial and contracts (Legal500), litigation (The Lawyers Global). For full list of awards – see below.

Public procurement Poland-wide incl. Warsaw and Kraków

We provide public procurement legal services all around Poland thought all five offices, and in particular in Warsaw and Kraków.

What we do?

Preparation to public procurement in Poland

  • advisory regarding Polish public procurement law
  • advisory regarding rights and obligations of contracting authority
  • advisory regarding rights and obligations of contractor
  • analysis of tender regulations
  • advisory regarding terms and conditions of the procurement
  • advisory as to tender participation rules
  • advisory regarding preparation and placing of the offer

Consortium in public procurement

  • advise regarding co-participation in public procurements
  • advise on alternative forms of cooperation in public procurements
  • advise as to co-execution of public procurements
  • draft and negotiate consortium agreements
  • advise as to relations of consortium members
  • advise and represent in disputes between consortium members

Advisory regarding contacts in public procurement

  • advise regarding contact law in public procurement in Poland
  • preparation of legal opinions regarding contacts
  • advise regarding distinctive features of Polish procurement contracts
  • drafting requests for contracts clarifications
  • drafting requests of contact amendments
  • evaluating grounds for contacts amendment under procurement law

Public procurement – advisory during performance

  • day to day advisory during performance of public procurements
  • assistance in daily contacts with contracting authorities
  • representation in formal communication with contracting authorities
  • representation in negotiations with contracting authorities
  • drafting requests for contacts extensions
  • drafting requests for other amendments to the procurement contacts
  • support in completion, deliveries and settlement of the public procurement projects

Public procurement judicial review

  • advisory regarding judicial review of contacting authority decisions
  • appeals against exclusion of the offer / participant from the tender
  • drafting and filing complaints to National Chamber of Appeal (KIO)
  • representation in proceedings before National Chamber of Appeal (KIO)
  • drafting complaints to the Courts against judgments of National Chamber of Appeal

Contact our public procurement attorneys in Poland:

DKP Legal Tomasz Kopeć
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DKP Legal Grzegorz Żochowski
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