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Public procurement

A leading lawyer in the field of public procurement in our Polish Law Firm is Tomasz Kopeć. Under his direction, the Firm lawyers provide public procurement-related services to the benefit of both the contracting authority and contractor. 

The services provided to contractors include mainly the analysis of tender regulations and in this respect we advise them on tender preparation. We also support the contractors in matters requiring the application of legal remedies. At a later stage, our services go beyond the framework of a tender procedure; hence, we support our clients in the process of performance, completion and settlement of public procurement. 

The services provided to contracting authorities focus, inter alia, on counselling on drafting Terms of Reference as well as regulations, instructions and other internal acts establishing the code of conduct related to Polish public procurement. In case of individual tender procedures, our team provides assistance in their preparation and execution.

A team of specialists in contract law drafts standard agreements for contracting authorities and other specific public procurement contracts.

At the request of contracting authorities, our Polish lawyers prepare legal opinions on the application of specific provisions or resolution of issues that have arisen based on the Polish Public Procurement Act.

In disputed cases, the Firm represents clients in appeal proceedings before the National Chamber of Appeal [KIO] and proceedings before the court arising from the complaint against the ruling of the National Chamber of Appeal. We provide legal representation to contracting authorities as well as contractors.

Selected services:

  • Preparation, assessment of tender documentation (Terms of Reference, representations)
  • Preparation, assessment of public procurement contracts
  • Appeal proceedings before the National Chamber of Appeal
  • Representation in foreign public procurement
  • Complaint against the ruling of the National Chamber of Appeal
  • Consortium agreements
  • Verification of tenders
  • Reviewing the validity of tender rejection, exclusion of a contractor 

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Tomasz Kopeć


Tomasz Kopeć

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Tomasz Kopeć



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