Mining Law of Poland is a highly developed specialty of our Law Firm

Mr Michał Dudkowiak is our team leader, head mining lawyer and expert in the area of mining and geological law. Mr Dudkowiak possesses vast theoretical knowledge and extensive experience in issues related to mineral resource exploration, appraisal, extraction, enrichment and trade in Poland (including coal, hydrocarbons, iron ores and methane).

Our Law Firm advises on daily basis on mining regulatory issues: obtaining mining licenses in Poland of all types (from exploration to extraction), executing licenses, meeting regulatory requirements and reporting obligations. 

We also represent our clients before mining and geological authorities (the Minister of the Environment, the Chief National Geologist, marshals of voivodeships and district governors) and mining supervision authorities (District Mining Authorities and State Mining Authorities) as well as administrative courts.

Experience of our legal team has been attested, among others, by the comprehensive legal handling of one of the greenfield mining projects in Lower Silesia, due diligence of mining companies, including those belonging to the largest Polish capital groups, our consultancy in numerous proceedings regarding granting mining concessions (exploration, appraisal and extraction).

Selected services:

  • Applying for (Polish exploration license) exploration and appraisal concession
  • Acquisition and appraisal of geological information
  • Validation of Polish geological documentation
  • Applying for Polish mining license (extraction concession)
  • Mining ownership and usufruct rights in Poland
  • Conducting geological works in Poland
  • Mining plant operations

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Michał Dudkowiak


Michał Dudkowiak

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Michał Dudkowiak

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