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Antitrust and competition law

Our Polish Law Firm has extensive experience in legal counseling in the area of Polish competition law and Polish antitrust law.

1. Polish Antitrust Law:

Within the scope of antitrust law, our team of lawyers:

  • represent and assist to the clients in audits and searches carried out by Polish Competition Authority,
  • perform risk assessments and assessment of planned projects (measures) to determine compliance with the Polish Antitrust Law.

If we identify possible risks of infringement of Polish antitrust law, our lawyers provide clients with recommendations and alternative solutions (including penalty mitigation measures: e.g. leniency or obligation decision).

Our Law Firm in Poland has long-standing experience in advisory on:

  • anti-competitive agreements in Poland (vertical and horizontal), including concerted practices and meeting of minds,
  • abuse of dominant position in Poland,
  • breach of consumer collective interests in Poland.

2. Merger Control in Poland:

In merger control cases in Poland, our lawyers assess concentration projects, perform analyses' of the necessity to report a particular merger and, subsequently, represent clients in concentration proceedings before the Polish Merger Authority.

3. Unfair Competition in Poland:

Furthermore, our lawyers render legal services in Poland in matters related to acts of unfair competition associated with fraudulent designation of enterprises, companies, products or services, as well as illegal product imitations. The Firm lawyers advise and represent clients in matters relating to advertising, e.g.: unfair or prohibited advertising, including unlawful comparative advertising. 

Selected services:

  • Audit of Polish Antitrust Authority
  • Representation before Polish Antitrust Authority
  • Leniency in Poland
  • Anticompetitive agreements in Poland
  • Abuse of a dominant position in Poland
  • Infringement of the collective consumer interests  
  • Merger control in Poland, Merger notification
  • Imitation of name, company  
  • Imitation of products, trademark  
  • Hindering access to the market  
  • Unfair advertising (misleading, prohibited comparative advertising)
  • Pyramid selling scheme
  • Assessment of agreements, regulations and standard agreements  
  • Prohibited (abusive) clauses in Po
  • Adjustment of online stores’ regulations to act on consumer rights


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Michał Dudkowiak


Michał Dudkowiak

Barrister, Partner

Michał Dudkowiak
Piotr Putyra


Piotr Putyra

Barrister, Partner

Piotr Putyra

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