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Michał Dudkowiak
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Out of members of our sports law practice you could build up a little multidisciplinary sports club. Number of our attorneys are amateur sports lovers, triathletes, runners, wrestlers, cyclists. Hence we are attorneys but we speak your language! You will encounter understanding of your struggles, efforts and sports environment. That would enable us to go straight to the point of your sport legal matter.

We are advising and representing sports individuals, federations, organizations, clubs and governing bodies regarding wide spectrum of legal matters and in particular:

Sports contacts

We negotiate, draft and advise variety of sports industry contract, incl.:

  • employment contacts
  • contracts with players
  • contact with athletes
  • transfer contacts
  • contracts with agents
  • coaching and management contracts
  • sponsorship agreements
  • advertising agreements

IP in sports

  • sports clubs and organizations brand protection
  • image protection of sports individuals
  • licensing of sports IP rights
  • media & broadcasting rights

Sports arbitration, litigation and dispute resolution

We represent and regarding disciplinary and dispute procedures before:

  • Tribunals and arbitration bodies of Polish sports federations (PZPN, PZTr, PZTe, PZP, PZM)
  • Tribunals and arbitration bodies of international sports federations (FIFA, UEFA)
  • Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS)
  • Arbitration Court by PKOL
  • Anti-doping disciplinary bodies, incl. POLADA
  • Courts for commercial disputes
  • Courts for IP disputes
  • Courts for image rights disputes
  • Courts for media & privacy

Corporate and commercial law for clubs and organizations

  • M&A & due diligence
  • Legal transformations (sport clubs)
  • Corporate governance
  • Internal regulations of federations
  • Constitutions and competition rules

Private legal advisory to sports professionals

Our multidisciplinary team of attorneys advises to individual sports professionals regarding variety of legal, incl.:

  • wealth management, incl. inheritance
  • assets protection
  • privacy
  • IP & image protection
  • marriage, incl. pre-nuptial agreements
  • divorce, incl. financial settlements
  • tax planning

Sports Attorneys in Warsaw, Kraków …

We provide legal services to sports industry from all our offices and in particular from Warsaw, Kraków and Poznań.

Contract our Polish sports attorneys:

DKP Legal Michał Dudkowiak
Michał Dudkowiak
Barrister, Managing Partner
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Dudkowiak Family martyna dudkowiak
Martyna Dudkowiak
Barrister, Partner
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