Litigation and Arbitration in Poland

Based on history, awards and experience it is fair to say that we are one of the top litigation law firms in Poland.
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Our litigation and arbitration practice has longstanding history. As one of few Firms in Poland, we may proudly say that throughout 30 years we have trained over three generations of litigation attorneys.

Founded as Litigation Law Firm

Dudkowiak Kopeć Putyra was founded in early 90’s by two ex-judges who designed it to be a litigation law firm. Over the years the Law Firm grew and developed several practices but litigation always remained one of the key expertise.

Recognized and awarded litigators

Our litigation lawyers are probably the most awarded in the entire Firm. They are distinguished by impressive list of awards received over the years from rating agencies and international legal magazines. In 2021 we were named as Litigation Law Firm of the Year in Poland (The Lawyers Global) and the Law Firm in the Spotlight (Legal500). Full list of awards may be explored below.

High-profile litigation experts

We  are experience in advisory and representation of world leading corporations in their litigation and arbitration efforts in Poland. List of clients and examples of notorious cases may be explored below. Every year we are representing in tens of multi-million court and arbitration cases.

Litigation & Arbitration team

Litigation and arbitration team grew over the decades. It is currently led by three Partner attorneys and consists of over ten experience litigators specialized in number of dispute fields. Depending on the dispute subject, our litigators are often supported by expert attorneys from other departments.

Litigation & Arbitration in Warsaw and Kraków

We provide corporate legal services all around Poland thought all five offices, and in particular in Warsaw and Kraków.

What we do?

Court representation in Poland

  • Representation before the courts in Poland,
  • Representation in judicial review, incl. before Courts of Appeal
  • Representation before Supreme Court of Poland
  • Representation before local administrative courts
  • Representation before Supreme Administrative Court in Warsaw
  • Preparation of:
  • lawsuits, motions and claims
  • appeal, complains and objections
  • cassation appeals
  • requests for freezing orders or interim measures

Arbitration in Poland

  • Preparation of arbitration clauses and arbitration rules
  • Advisory as to enforceability in Poland of arbitral awards from various courts and jurisdictions
  • Advisory in choice of arbitration courts and selection of arbiters
  • Preparation of lawsuits and defenses before arbitration courts
  • Representation in domestic and international arbitration cases
  • Enforcement of arbitral awards in Poland

Fields of litigation and arbitration

  • Corporate litigation
  • Commercial litigation
  • IP litigation:
  • Trademark litigation
  • Copyrights disputes
  • ​Patent litigation
  • Antitrust litigation
  • Debt collection litigation
  • Real estate litigation
  • Construction disputes
  • Employment and labor litigation
  • Insurance litigation
  • Administrative litigation

Dispute resolution and mediation in Poland

  • Designing dispute resolution strategies
  • Representation in pre-trail actions and negotiations
  • Representation in mediation
  • Negotiations and preparations of court settlements
  • Supervision over judicial and extrajudicial settlement execution

Enforcement in Poland

  • Enforcement of court judgements in Poland
  • Representation before enforcement bailiffs in Poland
  • Representation and advisory in enforcement from real estate, movable assets and bank accounts
  • Representation in judicial actions in enforcement procedure:
  • obtaining enforcement clauses against debtors and co-debtors
  • transferring enforcement clauses to claims acquirers
  • anti-enforcement lawsuits
  • complaints for enforcement actions
  • Establishment and execution of freezing orders (seizure of bank accounts)
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Poland
  • Recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards in Poland

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Case studies

Mężczyzna stojący przed kontenerami transportowymi.
Litigation & arbitration
Pociąg towarowy jadący po torach.
Litigation & arbitration

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