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Personal data protection

Expertise in detailed regulations regarding protection of personal data is mainly indispensable for entities which, in the course of their activity, collect and process large amounts of data, and which, at the same time, are obliged to protect it. Dudkowiak & Kopeć law experts deal with effective and, first of all, lawful protection of this data information.

Our offer is addressed to both, entities whose activity involves data collection (e.g. creation of client database for marketing purposes, etc.), as well as those who collect information, so to say, on the side of conducting different activities (e.g. hospitals or institutions of higher education).

Our Polish law firm offers preparation of all kinds of documents: privacy policy, security policy, regulations and instructions for information systems for managing personal data processing. We also prepare necessary clauses, agreements and statement templates as well as draft agreements concerning outsourcing of sharing and processing of personal data

For our clients we develop strategies for data protection and verify with due diligence that the solutions provided are within the law. We represent them in the proceedings before the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO) and during the security checks conducted by this agency.

In addition, we register data collections and give advise in regards to the possibilities, requirements and restrictions pertaining to the transfer of data to third parties (including abroad) for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Selected services:

  • Privacy policy

  • Policy of security and instruction for information system management used to process personal data,

  • Personal data outsourcing and sharing agreement

  • Rules in the processing of personal data

  • Due diligence in the processing of personal data

  • Representation before the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO)

  • Registration of  data collections             

  • Control of GIODO

  • Preparing clauses and statements allowing for personal data collection and processing           

  • Transfer of personal data to third countries   

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