Personal data protection

Navigating through complex personal data regulations can be challenging and a failure to adhere to data protection rules may result in steep financial fines and loss of reputation.
Łukasz Gąsiorek
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Since the GDPR came into effect in 2018, personal data protection has become an important issue in almost every area of business, affecting the way personal data is collected and shared.

Experienced data protection attorneys

Data protection team is headed by Lukas Gasiorek – experienced certified data protection inspector (IODO).

Data protection compliance in Poland

Our legal firm understands the role of personal data protection and supports our clients developing strategies for data security. We make sure that new projects and business undertakings are compliant with GDPR rules and carry no risk of steep penalties for personal data breach. Our team incorporates personal data protection rules on every level of business activity, also in a group of companies, by carrying out audits and preparing complete personal data protection documentation.

Data protection in HR

We are especially dedicated to personal data protection during the recruitment and employment process. Our clients can rely on us in preparing clauses and agreements regarding personal data processing, including data processing agreements and personal data transfer.

What we do?

  • GDPR compliance audits
  • project’s compliance with personal data protection
  • preparation and implementation of complete personal data processing documentation
  • training in the practical application of personal data protection
  • personal data processing in recruiting, including background screening
  • personal data protection documentation in the area of employment
  • identification and reporting personal data security breaches
  • contracts and tools for transferring personal data to third countries
  • data processing agreements and processor verification rules
  • rules of data processing in groups of entrepreneurs
  • representation in proceedings before the PUODO
  • data protection consulting

Contact our data protection attorneys in Poland:

DKP Legal Łukasz Gąsiorek
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DKP Legal anna szymielewicz
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