Poland Tax Calculator

Tax Calculator – Updated: 30.06.2023

Tax Calculator in Poland

Our Payroll Experts developed a payroll calculator for
that may be used for calculation of employee
income tax
(PIT), as well as, social security
that are deducted from employees salaries. The
calculator is valid for employee revenues of 2023. If you want to learn
more about labor regulations check out our Employment Guide in Poland.

Tax Calculator – How it Works?

In the first box below insert gross monthly salary of the employee.
Press Calculate and you will see all the components of the salary, incl.

  • Net Salary – so the amount that effectively goes
    to the employee bank account
  • Total Cost – presents all the amounts / expenses
    that the has to cover / distribute for the employee

Tax Calculator in Poland

Tax Calculator Q&A

What is Annual Salary Breakdown?

Annul Salary Breakdown shows what are the amounts of specific components through out the year. Depending on the amount go monthly salary. The amounts may differ during the year and the employee each month may be receiving slight different amount to the bank account (net salary). This is related to the fact that some contributions do no need to be paid from certain threshold, or simply at some point of the year the employee by be subject to high tax rate (e.g when reaching 120.000 PLN of income the tax rate will switch from 12% to 32%).

What does the tax calculator compute?

Polish Tax Calculator computes Personal Income Tax (PIT) and Mandatory Contributions (e.g. Accident, Disability, Pension, etc.).

Who calculates and remits the amounts in Poland?

Please do remember that in Poland it is the employer who is obliged to run the calculations, withhold and remit the amounts to relevant public authorities. As a rule, the employee in Poland, does not pay his/her taxes or social security contributions. They are all calculated, withheld and remitted by the employer. HR, Payroll and Remittance services may be performed in-house or outsourced to Professional Payroll Provides like us.

Disclaimer – Employee Tax Calculator

Please note that the tax calculator is valid only for revenues / income of 2023. Different tax calculator shall be used for revenues / income of other years. Please note that the calculator provides rough simulation and final calculations for given salary may be different. Final calculations shall always be done by qualified Payroll Expert and after taking into account all factors that may influence the amounts. For precise calculations for the given amount of salary please approach our Polish Payroll Team.

Explanations – Poland Tax Calculator

Explanations: Net Salary - Monthly Amount that is transferred to Employees Bank Account; Gross Salary - Monthly Amount for which the Calculation is Made. The Amount shall be stipulated in the Employees Contract; Total Cost - Monthly Amount that Represents All the Expenses that the Employer has to cover for Particular Employee

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