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Consumer protection

Throughout 25 years of operation of our Law Firm in Poland our attorneys have gained extensive experience in advising on consumer protection laws in Poland.

We were advising to businesses dealing with consumer protection in:

  • traditional retail sales,
  • e-commerce, 
  • transport (incl. aviation),
  • tourism,
  • energy and other public utilities,  
  • ​telecommunications, 
  • developers (construction), 
  • loans, consumer credits, 
  • financial products, 
  • healthcare. 

Within the above sectors as well as in various other our consumer protection attorneys

  • advise on rights of the consumers and obligations of entrepreneurs (resulting inter alia from Electronic Services Act, Consumer Protection Act, Combating Unfair Practices Act),  
  • design and draft procedures dealing with consumers and claims of the consumers, 
  • design and draft documentation in compliance with Polish consumer protection regulations (e.g. sales terms & conditions, contracts, statements, disclaimers, warnings), 
  • audit existing procedures, documents and practices in order to determine potential abusive clauses or practices infringing collective consumer interests,
  • represent b2c entrepreneurs in front of Consumer Protection Court, Competition and Consumer Protection Authority (UOKiK), Financial Ombudsman and Commercial Inspection.

Our consumer protection attorneys in Poland also counsel and design strategies against consumers' claims.

Selected services:

  • advising on consumer regulations in selected b2c sectors
  • designing and drafting b2c procedures
  • designing and drafting b2c documentation (e.g. sales terms & conditions, contracts, statements, disclaimers, warnings)
  • designing consmer complaints procedures
  • consumer protection due diligence of procedures and documentation  
  • identifing abusive clauses or practices infringing collective consumer interests
  • representing in front of Consumer Protection Court, Consumer Protection Authority
  • counseling on strategies against consumers' claims, representing in the courts 

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Experts in this field:

Piotr Putyra


Piotr Putyra

Barrister, Partner

Piotr Putyra
Marcin Kręglewski


Marcin Kręglewski

Barrister, Counsel

Marcin Kręglewski



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