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Criminal law

Our Polish Law Firm conducts numerous criminal cases, including Polish criminal lawpenal-fiscal and penal-economic law.

Our Polish criminal lawyers defend clients at each stage of the process: preparatory, judicial and enforcement proceedings.

Polish criminal investigation - legal services: 

  • defence of a client subject to the European Arrest Warrant (EAW),
  • defense from arrest in Poland, participation in detention of a client or the client’s relative,
  • submitting requests for quashing or commutation of detention awaiting trial and application of a preventive non-detention measure (bail, police surveillance),
  • comprehensive drafting of a defence line (active gathering of evidence, participation in investigative and inquiry actions, determination of an optimal degree of “cooperation” with law enforcement agencies, optimization of actions taken with regard to client’s criminal records),
  • holding negotiations with Polish Prosecutor (negotiating the content of prosecutor motions – conditional discontinuation of criminal proceedings, motion for conviction without a hearing, kind and degree of penalty, conditional suspension of the sentence execution),
  • assistance in the reconciliation with the victim,
  • providing assistance to victims (subsidiary indictment).

Polish criminal court - defense services:

  • comprehensive drafting of a defence line with a view to acquitting a client or receiving the most lenient sentence possible (active gathering of evidence, right to adduce evidence),
  • represenation in front of criminal courts in Poland (trails, sittings, site inspections),
  • preparation of procedural writs,
  • assistance in obtaining conditional remission of a sentence or conditional suspension of the sentence execution,
  • optimization of the course of proceedings with regard to client’s criminal records,
  • assistance in receiving the most lenient aggregate sentence possible,
  • assistance in the reconciliation with the victim,
  • representation of the victim.

Polish criminal law penalty - legal services:

  • assistance in obtaining conditional release from serving the full sentence of imprisonment,
  • assistance in obtaining deferment or interruption of execution of the sentence,
  • assistance in obtaining deferment of payment of fine or possibility to pay a fine in instalments,
  • defence of a client subject to the European Arrest Warrant.

Selected services:

  • Arrest in Poland
  • Traffic accidents in Poland
  • Drunk driving in Poland
  • Health impairment in Poland
  • Drug offences in Poland
  • Offences against property in Poland
  • Back-dating of documents in Poland
  • Errors in the art of medicine in Poland
  • Cybercrimes in Poland

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Marcin Kręglewski



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