Criminal law in Poland

Criminal law often reaches organization by surprise as suddenly they become victims, perpetrators or simply at risk of criminal liability. Each event requires guidance of qualified criminal defense attorney.
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Every business activity exposes organizations, employees and theirs managing staff for criminal liability. Risk levels are different for every industry. In some of them risk is higher and often requires implementation of compliance programs and preventive procedures. In other criminal liability is incidental and rare.

Business crime attorneys in Poland

As Polish Business Law Firm we advise regarding business related criminal liability in Poland. Depending in particular circumstance we advise and represent:

  • victims of criminal offences, incl. frauds etc.
  • organizations that are facing criminal prosecution,
  • organizations who’s employees were involved in criminal activity – intentionally or unintentionally,
  • individuals that are facing criminal prosecution, incl. managing staff and employees.

Our services cover various business-related criminal offenses, incl. offenses defined in Polish Criminal Code and Penal-Fiscal Code (tax crimes and offenses).

Criminal defense attorneys

For exposed entities and individuals we conduct criminal defense in front of Polish Protection Services and Courts. Our Polish criminal defense attorneys provide legal services at every stage of the penal process: preparatory, investigation, detention and arrest, judicial and enforcement proceedings.

Legal support to victims of crimes in Poland

With regards to victims of crimes we advise as to redress measures represent in prosecution of offenders.

Poland-wide criminal defense, incl. Warsaw, Kraków

We provide criminal law services all around Poland. Our criminal defense attorneys advise in all our offices in Poland, incl. Warsaw and Kraków.

What we do?

Representation with regard to criminal offenses:

  • Tax offenses
  • Environmental law offenses
  • Labor law offenses
  • Banking law offenses
  • Frauds and cyber crimes
  • Construction law offenses
  • Corruption
  • Antitrust and competition law offenses
  • Money laundering
  • Health care fraud
  • Social security frauds
  • Bribery
  • Embezzlement
  • Forgery
  • Racketeering
  • Traffic accidents
  • Drunk driving in Poland
  • Health impairment in Poland
  • Drug offences in Poland
  • Cybercrimes in Poland

Polish criminal law – advisory:

  • advisory regarding Polish criminal law
  • evaluation of criminal risks in organization
  • criminal law risk mapping in organizations
  • designing procedures minimizing risks related to criminal liability in Poland
  • implementing anti-corruption, procurement, whistleblowing policies
  • preparation of legal opinions regarding Polish criminal law
  • performing internal investigations in organizations
  • preparing reports and post-events recommendations

Polish criminal investigation – legal services:

  • advisory and assisting in searches and investigations
  • designing criminal defense strategies
  • defense in deportation procedures incl. defense against European Arrest Warrant (EAW)
  • defense and appeals against arrest in Poland
  • appeal against of detention / arrests during investigation stage
  • requests for application of non-detention measure
  • advisory in gathering of evidence for criminal defense
  • negotiating terms of criminal liability with Polish Prosecutors
  • evaluating applicability of conditional discontinuation of criminal proceedings
  • evaluating applicability of conviction without a hearing
  • assistance in the reconciliation with the victim
  • providing assistance to victims (subsidiary indictment)

Judicial criminal defense in Poland:

  • designing realistic defense strategy
  • evaluating evidences and risk levels
  • representation in front of criminal courts in Poland
  • assistance in obtaining conditional remission of a sentence or conditional suspension of the sentence execution
  • optimization of the course of proceedings with regard to client’s criminal records
  • assistance in receiving the most lenient aggregate sentence possible
  • representation of the victims

Polish Executory Criminal Law:

  • assistance in obtaining conditional release from serving the full criminal sentence of imprisonment
  • assistance in obtaining deferment in criminal judgement execution
  • assistance in obtaining break of execution of the criminal judgement
  • assistance in obtaining deferment of payment of fine
  • assistance in obtaining possibility to pay a fine in installments

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DKP Legal Michał Puk
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