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Employment law and social security

Our team has broad experience in the field of employment relations in small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations. The services of our Law Firm encompass both collective and individual Polish employment law

1. Polish Employment Law

Within the scope of Polish individual employment law, our attorneys assist in development of employee records, employment contracts, non-competition agreements, training agreements and managerial contracts. We also support our clients in the process of employment termination.

The Firm lawyers represent clients in negotiations and court proceedings on labour disputes, incidents of mobbing and discrimination. 

We also provide consultation services in the area of the European employment law and assist with the approval of employment and residency of foreigners employed in Poland. 

Additionally, the Law Firm provides employment-related services for managers. 

2. Collective Labour Law in Poland

With respect to collective labour law in Poland, we support our clients in consultations and talks held with trade unions and advise them on formulating and negotiating collective labour agreements and other collective agreements between employers and trade unions. Moreover, our lawyers develop work and remuneration regulations.

At the request of the Firm clients, we analyse the nature and type of work performed and suggest the application of individually created remuneration systems. 

Additionally, our employment lawyers develop strategies for handling and mitigating collective labour disputes. 

In the event of enterprise restructurings, mergers or acquisitions, our team performs legal audit (due diligence) of employment, comprising verification of employee records and collective agreements, whereas, in the case of employment restructuring, we develop collective redundancy procedures.

Our clients are also advised on questions related to occupational health and safety and working time.

Employment law specialists working for our Polish Law Firm have provided daily advisory services to entities employing thousands of people, for over a decade. 

Selected services:

  • Employment contract in Poland
  • Non-competition agreements in Poland
  • Confidentiality agreements  in Poland
  • Property entrustment agreements 
  • Training agreements  
  • Termination of an employment contract with notice  
  • Termination of an employment contract without notice  
  • Termination of an employment contract by agreement  
  • Work regulations in Poland
  • Remuneration regulations  in Poland
  • Labour disputes in Poland
  • Collective labour agreements in Poland


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Michał Dudkowiak

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Michał Dudkowiak
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Alicja Myśluk-Landowska



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