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Petition regarding Amendment of Polish PNR Regulation

Petition initiative of our Aviation Attorneys

Our Polish Aviation Attorneys come with initiative supporting Aviation Industry and in particular international airlines who are looking with anxiety towards Polish Parliament that is processing in fast track the draft bill amending the Polish Passenger Flight Data Processing Act (hereinafter ‘Draft of Amendment 1 to PNR Act’).

The Draft of Amendment 1 to PNR Act was supposed to support the aviation industry that is still struggling with problems related to COVID-19 pandemic, but it reality it turn out be 4 billion PLN penalties program that may shake stability of bigger airlines and bury smaller carriers.

What is the petition requesting for ?

The petition is requesting to discontinue the works regarding Amendment of PNR Law in Poland and at the same time channeling the efforts to dialogue with aviation industry to ensure that the potential amendment Polish Aviation Law meets the needs of the respective Directive while at the same time resources are used for safety and security purposes.

Where the PNR petition may be found ?

The PNR petition may be found under this link: Polish PNR Law Petition. It may be signed by anybody who supports it, in particular representatives of aviation market and airlines.

The will be sent to Polish Prime Minster, Minister of Internal Affairs, Chairman of Sejm, Chairman of Senate, Chairman of relevant legislative commission

What is PNR Amendment 1 changing in PNR Laws in Poland ?

Here may learn more about Amendment of PNR Law in Poland. In highlights we may summarize that the new piece of Polish Law intends to:

  • Extend recent 3-years statute of limitations up to to 5-year.
  • Past infringements will also have longer 5 years statute of limitations.
  • Penalties for PNR infringements are going to be issued also by commanders of the local divisions of border guard.
  • One penalty decision will be able to cover unlimited number of flights.
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