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Leasing in Poland in 2021

According to data from the Polish Leasing Association, in 2021, fixed assets worth 88 billion PLN were financed this way. This is by nearly 31% (PLN 20.6 billion) more than the year before. As a result, the value of the portfolio of all active leasing contracts increased to 165.8 billion PLN.

Leasing an micro companies

Each of these figures (sales, portfolio and their dynamics) turned out to be a record. Thus, leasing more than made up for the declines of 2019-2020, when the value of newly concluded contracts decreased. Previously, the annual dynamics was positive and exceeded 15%.

As in previous years, the dominant group of companies reaching for leasing turned out to be microentrepreneurs (turnover up to 5 million PLN) and small entrepreneurs (5-20 million PLN). In total, they accounted for nearly 3/4 of the clients of entities providing this type of financing. Medium-sized companies (turnover exceeding 20 million PLN), i.e. mostly companies, accounted for every fourth agreement.

Vehicle leasing still most popular

However, the structure of the market has changed. At the expense of light vehicles (which remained the most frequently leased objects, accounting for 44.6% of the value of contracts concluded), machines and equipment (28.1%) and real estate (0.9%), the share of truck leasing increased.

The latter segment accounted for 22 percent of the value of contracts concluded last year. A year earlier it was 17.8 percent.

Apart from real estate (-10%), financing increased in all market segments. The biggest revival was recorded in trucks.

Trucks leasing increased by 63% (from 11.9 to 19.4 billion PLN). An even better result (+85%) was recorded in the group of semi-trailers and trailers. A decrease (-20%) was recorded in bus leasing.

In each of the remaining sectors, the leasing companies increased financing of fixed assets by approx. 25% on a year-to-year basis. They leased cars and vans worth 39.2 billion PLN, machinery and equipment worth 24.7 billion PLN and real estate valued at 0.8 billion PLN. They allocated 3.9 billion PLN for the purchase of other assets (IT equipment, aircraft, ships, railroad rolling stock).

Green leasing

Leasing of so-called green assets also increased. Financial institutions have put up funds for the purchase of almost 8.2 thousand electric cars. This is more than twice (130%) more than in 2020.

They also leased 833 heavy vehicles (including truck tractors, buses) powered by gas or electricity and over 6 thousand photovoltaic installations. In each of these groups the value of contracts exceeded 650 million PLN.

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