Polish VAT register

Polish Ministry of Finance is going to introduce new regulation within the scope of basic data of business partners revealed in Polish VAT register. The proposed amendments are intended to increase the reliability of commercial transactions on the market which may lead also to increase the safety of such contacts.

Polish VAT Register

Currently, the Polish VAT register reveals only the information whether the entity is an active VAT taxpayer or not. The Ministry of Finance is going to extend the catalogue of data revealed in this register. According to current propositions, the interested entrepreneur will be able to check how long its potential business partner is an active taxpayer. Moreover, the entrepreneur will be able to verify whether the checked entity has experienced any complications or problems previously e.g. whether the entity was deleted from the register.

Acting in bad faith

Nevertheless, such an extension of data availability could give Fiscal Authorities a new arguments to contest the VAT deductions charged on transactions for services with entities whose business history may negatively affect to theirs reliability.

Currently, works on this project are pending and more information will be revealed soon.

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