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COVID-19 v. taxes – update

In the previous news, various types of tax reliefs and tax preferences introduced in connection with the epidemic/epidemic state in Poland were described. This news updates previous ones because the pace and number of changes makes some previous information outdated or there were no new tax solutions before.


The following changes or updates have been added to the taxes:

  • Pursuant to the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of April 23, 2020, MF ordered the abandonment of interest for late payment for the period from May 1, 2020 to June 1, 2020 (i.e. the date on which the subsequent submission of PIT declarations for 2019 is possible).
  • The Minister of Finance and the National Revenue Administration explains that the exemption of social security contributions (i. e. their non-payment) makes it impossible to include them in tax deductible costs.
  • At the same time, the exemption from paying social security contributions is not an income within the meaning of income tax acts
  • If the contribution to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) or the employee’s salary is partly subsidised, the part underfunded (paid by the employer) may constitute a tax cost
  • The loan redemption for micro-entrepreneurs (up to a maximum of PLN 5 000) is not income in income taxes
  • Subsidies received from the PFR are considered as income and are thus subject to income taxes.

The government has announced further changes:

  • Work is ongoing on the MF Regulation, which will postpone the obligation to introduce online cash registers for certain industries
  • In Anticrisis shield 3.0 (another draft bill amending the Special Act on the protection of the environment and the environment), It is planned to allow for the late submission of solidarity levy declarations to the same extent as for PIT.
  • Shield 3. 0 assumes that certificates issued under the Tax Ordinance will not take into account tax arrears whose payment after the due date may be subject to interest waivers. The provision will apply mutatis mutandis to determine the condition of no tax arrears in order to benefit from financial support under government programmes
  • Shield 3.0 will give MF the power to issue a regulation for waiving interest for late payment of solidarity levy
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