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DKP Legal Michał Dudkowiak
Michał Dudkowiak
Barrister, Managing Partner
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We provide wide variety of legal services in Łódź for entrepreneurs as well as to private individuals.

Local lawyers in Łódź are supported our expert attorneys from offices from all around Poland. In consequence were able to provide quality service in the region of Łódź.

Inquiries for legal services in Łódź shall be addressed:

Law Firm in Łódź

Our team of lawyers in Łódź provide variety of legal services in favor of multinationals, medium-small companies and private clients. All our Polish lawyers and accountants speak English fluently and are dedicated to provide legal advisory to foreigners and foreign investors.

Our trial attorneys (litigators) in Łódź represent the clients in front of the local Courts and advise as to litigation strategy.

We provide qualified legal services to foreigner entrepreneurs doing business in Łódź region. Our services cover, M&A, corporate law, employment law, debt collection, administrative and regulatory law and litigation.

We assist to in purchase of real estate in Łódź region. Our legal advisory and representation relates to purchase of  lands and business facilities by entrepreneurs, as well as, apartments and houses by private individuals.

Local legal office in Łódź remains to your full disposal.

Legal services in Łódź

  • Investment advisory in Łódź region
    - advisory regarding investments in Łódź region
    - representation in investment planing before Łódź authorities
    - advisory as to investment in Special Economic Zone in Łódź
    - establishment of investment vehicles in Łódź
  • Property and real estate in Łódź
    - due diligence of properties located in Łódź and surroundings
    - sale and purchase of properties located in Łódź area
    - drafting and negotiating real estate purchase contracts in Łódź
    - buying apartments, houses, building and lands in Łódź
    - lease of apartments and office spaces in Łódź
  • M&A in Łódź
    - advisory and representation in M&A transaction in Łódź region
    - due diligence of Łódź assets
    - drafting, negotiating and executing transaction regarding assets located in Łódź
  • Construction and development in Łódź
    - advisory to residential and industrial construction projects in Łódź
    - representation before construction authorities in Łódź
    - advisory to development companies investing in Łódź
    - advisory and representation in construction and building projects in Łódź
  • Transport and Logistic in Łódź
    - advisory as to establishment transport facilities in Łódź
    - legal advisory to transport companies in Łódź
    - advisory to logistic hubs in Łódź
  • IT, e-commerce and software development
    - advisory as to establishment of IT companies in Łódź
    - legal advisory to IT, e-commerce companies in Łódź
    - legal advisory to software houses in Łódź

  • Corporate Law in Łódź
    - company registration and incorporation in Łódź
    - representation in Łódź in transaction of purchase and sale of shares
    - Due Diligence of companies in Łódź region
    - representation at shareholders meetings in Łódź
    - representation in corporate procedures / processes in Łódź
    - reporting corporate changes to KRS in Łódź (Łódź Company Register)
    - submission of claims in Łódź insolvency courts
  • Contracts in Łódź
    - drafting and negotiating contracts in Łódź
    - attending Notary in Łódź for contracts execution
    - check (due diligence) of counterparts / partners in Łódź
    - securing contracts on assets located in Łódź
  • Labor and Employment law in Łódź
    - advisory as to employment of staff in Łódź area
    - representation of employers in region of Łódź
    - drafting employment documents for employers based in Łódź
    - representing before Labor Courts in Łódź
    - representing before Labor Inspectorate of Łódź
  • Litigation in Łódź
    - representing clients in litigations in Łódź
    - running out-of-court negotiations and mediations in Łódź region
    - representing before the Courts of Łódź
    - enforcement of foreign rulings in Łódź
    - enforcement of judgements against debtors located in Łódź region
    - debt recovery and debt collection in Łódź
  • Taxes in Łódź
    - advisory regarding taxation of companies and assets in Łódź
    - representation before Tax Authorities in Łódź
    - advisory regarding local taxation in Łódź
    - advisory regarding property tax in Łódź
  • Inheritance in Łódź
    - representing clients in inheritance of assets in Łódź
    - representation in inheritance of property in Łódź
    - representation before Courts of Łódź in succession cases
    - takeover of inheritance in Łódź
  • Administrative law in Łódź
    - representation before public authorities in Łódź
    - appeal against penalties imposed by authorities of Łódź
    - judicial review of decisions issued by Łódź authorities